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Archive: January 2008

the place that, when you have to go there, they have to let you in.

This evening I am at my parent’s house, the house I grew up in (since I was brought home from the hospital…we have never ever moved, weird huh?)I have an early AM doctor’s appointment and my doctor’s office is near my parent’s house (can you say, hi, I haven’t lived at home in 7 years and have yet to switch doctors. Sad). Oh, and check out my old post if you want to see what my doctor looks like. It’s bad. Luckily, tomorrow is a quick shot so I’ll be in and out and probably won’t have too see her. Not like she has time for me anyway.

So, I love going to my parent’s because because they cook me nice dinners, dote on me, etc. But little did I know that they would have graduation presents waiting for me. Yay! I honestly didn’t even expect anything because, yeah I just got my master’s degree, but I have yet to find a job that requires me to change out of my pajamas in the morning. Plus, graduations in December are never as exciting as graduations in May (I also finished undergrad. in Dec…I guess I enjoy being untraditional). But I always accept presents and was super psyched!

Look, kids, no more camera phone pics! It’s about time. Sas actually gave me her old digital the other day because she got the pink Sony she had been dying for and was sick of my camera phone photography (though my skills were mad). I am seriously in love with this new camera. Welcome to the 21st century, Susie. You’re a big girl now.
Also, I’ve been super obsessed with Story People for years now (and could literally spend HOURS browsing their website. It’s addicting). I love Brian Andreas’ prints and the stories are so beautiful. For my parent’s anniversary a few years ago I got them a framed print that says, “There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & say it was good.” This is PERFECT for them. My parents are crazy cooks and we legit sometimes just sit at the dinner table saying “mmmm this is sooo good” over and over. Anyway, they got this one for graduation:

In case you can’t read it, it says, “There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you. Though some days I’m louder about other stuff so it’s easy to miss that.” So beautiful, and probably so true for many parents and children.

Bed now, up much earlier than I’m used to for my appointment!

Oh, and happy birthday to my sis 🙂

what happens when you and your friends don’t have jobs.

Things that happened last night (Tuesday night) in list form:

-Sara and I had an innocent dinner at Ma Soba, eating sushi and sharing a bottle of wine. See? The evening started off classy.

-We then went to The Hill where we promptly ordered 2 more bottles of wine. Because one just wasn’t enough.

-Disappointed that the pizza place was closed, we went to a majorly sketchy Chinese restaurant and pigged out on scallion pancakes and chicken fingers (after being so healthy with sushi). Sara also ordered vodka and sodas for us, but thankfully we did not drink them.

-While at the bar in the sketchy Chinese restaurant, we yelled at every person there, demanding to know why they were there and where they came from. I got into a really heated political debate with a 45-year-old man with a moustache (Ron Paul? The Patriot Act? I have no idea). I think I talked to his friend on the phone, ew. I also attempted to take pictures of everyone at the bar. I think they hated us.

-We accidentally left sketchy Chinese restaurant without paying. To be fair, I don’t remember getting a bill and we chatted up the owners our whole way out the door. It’s not like we were trying to hide anything.

-Somewhere between sketchy Chinese restaurant, running up and down the streets of Beacon Hill, and arriving back at Sara’s, my wallet went missing. I didn’t notice until this morning. After spending 15 minutes panicking (and wondering how I could call sketchy Chinese restaurant to ask if they had it without getting caught for not paying), I received a call from the police at my alma mater. Allegedly they had a pile of cards that were mine. OK. I was nowhere near my old grad school last night but somehow someone brought the goods from my wallet (minus the cash and the actual very cute wallet) to the police there. They tell me it was a homeless man. He says he found them on the street, but I kind of hope he was the one who took the money and then had a conscience and turned everything else in. That would explain why the culprit chose not to take my Victoria’s Secret gift card. Or the AAA card. It does not, however, explain why they took my pink, extremely girly wallet.

-Sara fell in the middle of the road and had trouble getting back up. I tried to help her up but was laughing WAY too hard.

-We ran home. I slept at Sara’s. Thank God. If I hadn’t, I would have taken a cab home and tried to pay the cabbie with my non-existent money.

I learned that it is a very dangerous thing that Sara is now unemployed like me. Something tells me if we both had normal people jobs, Tuesday night would have never happened. These are going to be some very dangerous times for us. I probably should make sure I get a job ASAP.

Enjoying our sketchy but free Chinese food.

all was warm and happy in the windy city.

And I’m back! I seriously had an amazing weekend in Chicago and am pretty sad that I had to return home after only 3 nights. Between hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend and my fabulous blogging friends, everything we did was just a blast.

Thursday night Beth and Adam picked me up from the airport and we went directly to The Four Shadows. Why? Because TKTC was there. I think my sis and Adam were slightly sketched out at first that I was meeting up with a girl I had never met in “real life,” and I mean, I can kind of understand. But after having a couple beers with TKTC and even meeting her personal trainer, they quickly realized she wasn’t an Internet freak (or a man, like they warned me she might be). However, I’m pretty sure our blogging talk confused everyone else quite a bit and my sister claimed at one point she felt like she was watching a Best in Show type movie about bloggers (um, amazing idea. Somebody, get on that!).

Friday consisted of my sister and I on Southport eating cupcakes, shopping in tons of cute little boutiques, and getting our nails done at Pinky nails, where my manicurist pretty much beat me up. They try to massage you while they give you manicures, but my woman didn’t warn me and was pretty much whacking me (hard!) and yelling at me to relax. (I just looked on their website and they say: “we promise to provide you only the most Tender Loving Care…oh, and we give free back massages too!” FYI, that was NOT tender loving care, it was a beat-down). That night, we cooked dinner at Beth’s (look here for our results), and then went to see Wicked. LOVED it (just like everyone said I would). I already want to see it again…or at least re-read the book.

My sister and I after Wicked. It was a COLD weekend in Chicago! And I thought Boston was bad…

Saturday was a continuation of the cupcake crawl we started on Friday. You have no idea how many cupcakes I ate over the weekend. Some of you would probably consider it a bit disgusting, but I don’t regret it (though I probably won’t want a cupcake for quite a little while). I have many, many pictures of cupcakes and will probably post them up in a cupcake crawl post for all you Chicago cupcake lovers and wannabes. You guys are lucky, you have TONS of awesome cupcake shops. And my sister, Adam, and I were more than happy to taste them all and rate them all for you. You’re very welcome.

Me, indulging at Sweet Temptations, one of our favorite spots!

Saturday night we took my sis out for her birthday dinner. First we went to Vintage Wine Bar, where we indulged in a fabulous bottle of Meritage and a delish cheese platter. Then we went to Bob San, for sushi (and more wine, obvi). Dinner was fabulous; if you live in Chicago, definitely check out Bob San.

After dinner, we went to TKTC’s apartment and drank champagne and wine and basically talked for two hours. Her cat (Honey) is adorable and her apartment is just lovely. We probably could have sat there all night listening to music and just chatting about everything, but we eventually decided to head out for the rest of the evening.

So, after having more than enough champagne, we went down the street a bit to Pint. People in Chicago are NICE (imagine that, Bostonians??) While we awaited the arrival of d-blogged, we drank beer, took shots, met new people, and generally had fun (do you sense any common themes here??). When d arrived, we sat up in the balcony and chatted and talked and gabbed. I can’t even describe how crazy it is to meet people who you already know so much about (and who know so much about you), though you’ve never met. TKTC said it best when she said, “With both D and Susie, it felt a little cracking open a book I’d been enjoying, only to find a way to interview the characters,” (except fill in her name in place of mine). It’s seriously like you have instant friends and you’re just picking up where you left off in your blog, filling in details and learning the secrets that they can’t write on a daily basis (hi, we all have them, especially us not anonymous bloggers). Could I have met two nicer, more awesome people? I honestly don’t think so!

My sis and Adam wanted to go home, but I was having too much fun hanging out and trying to get the dj to pay attention to me and play “Piece of Me,” so TKTC and d promised to get me home safely. And they did. d even took a cab with me to make sure I was headed in the right direction (and he paid for the cab. What a gentleman!). Also, every taxi driver I had while in Chicago was extremely nice and chatty. I was quite impressed.

I know I’m leaving out TONS of important details, but the bottom line is that I had a blast in Chicago and am pretty excited for TKTC to come to Boston in March. I am more than happy that my sister is moving back to Boston in April (yay!), but am a bit sad I won’t have her to visit in Chicago anymore. However, I might just have some new friends to visit!

TKTC, me, and d hanging out in the balcony of Pint.

Yup, pretty much what we did ALL night.

Basically, my weekend was filled with cupcakes, wine, and awesome people. Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

chi-town bound.

Chicago tomorrow evening! I can’t wait. MORE than excited to spend some good quality time with my sister. Oh, and not to mention, to meet up with To Kiss The Cook! Yay!!

Other fun events planned? My sister sent me her own custom-made “cupcake crawl” of all the cupcake places she wants to take me to over the weekend. Um, she knows me oh so well. She also offered to pick up some free passes to her gym. Right.

Friday night we’re going to see Wicked and I am super excited. I read the book a couple years ago, but hear the show is absolutely amazing.

Also taking my sister out for her birthday dinner at some point with the cash my mom gave me to treat her. My mom loves sister-time and likes to fund parts of it. Yay for that.

I probably won’t want to leave.

I got my haircut tonight but I’m not posting pictures just yet. I’ll definitely be taking some this weekend and will post when I return home. Anyway, it’s not as short as the picture from the other day, but still really short for me….but I think I’m OK with it. I needed some major chopping done. And I got it.


This week has been pretty crazy and I’ve been super busy. My GoogleReader in out of control. And I’m off to Chi-Town on Thurs. night. Lots to do before then.

Do you ever notice that after you clean your room, you feel so much more relaxed and can concentrate so much easier?

Getting a new comforter makes me feel like I got a new bed.

My neighbors gave me a Christmas card with a picture of my parents on it. It was cute but kind of freaked me out that my parents are on the front of their Christmas card. I hung it up on my bulletin board anyway.

Back in the day I was a Backstreet Boys fan, but haven’t paid attention to them with their last few albums. I just heard one of their new songs “Love Will Keep You Up All Night” and actually kind of enjoyed it. Who knew. Um, I have better taste than this. Really.

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow. Woot. Even better is the fact that my old co-worker does my hair and is coming to my apartment to do it. Door to door service. She’s a licensed hairdresser and does an amazing job and charges me a fraction of what I’d pay in a salon. Love her.

Really sad that Heath Ledger passed away. I feel so bad for his family.