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yay patriots.

The Patriots won and are undefeated. 16-0 yesss. Sorry, Peter. At least they gave you an exciting game tonight. You should just become a Patriots fan…it’s a lot more fun on this side…trust me.

If you want to scare a guy off, when he asks what you do for work, tell him you write for a relationship and dating website. He’ll say “oh reallyyyyy?,” give you a blank stare, and then slowly walk away.

Sas’ blog is public again. She was going through a bit of a blog-identity crisis. She’s one of my bff and I’m not sure how I ever lived without her, so you should read her blog. Seriously. We met in a cute way…through our ex-bfs who are no longer friends. We thank God for eachother every day. We bonded as we watched the ex’s play hockey and then we continued to travel to every one of their college hockey games (because we were amazingly good girlfriends). Now we have our own fun and avoid hockey at every cost. It’s a dumb sport anyway. I love that she was skeptical about being friends with me when she heard where I went to grad school (it’s a majorly artsy school) and now she wants to go there herself. I’m sure she’ll get in…yay!

It’s my roommate’s birthday and she’s another one of my bff. I feel bad we had to watch the Pats on her birthday. And then go to the BHP, which might be one of the least classiest bars in Boston. But we’re eating cake tomorrow. Party Favors=best cake in the world. And I’m thrilled to have another bff be 25 with me…it’s lonely being so old. We bought really cute New Year’s dresses this afternoon and then spent the rest of the day justifying the ridiculous amounts of money we spent (we’ll look cute!!!). As an unemployed person (Chelsee hates when I say that as I do have a job….it’s freelance though and I don’t count it, though it is full-time), I have no biznass buying designer dresses. Pictures will be posted after the party, which is at another not so classy bar. We may be the dressiest people there…but oh well.

Not sure how I linked all this…it’s been a long night….I’m a little tipsy…and ready to pass out. Sweet dreams!

13 Responses to “yay patriots.”

  1. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    Go Patriots! I watched every minute of the game and am so happy they won and broke al kinds of records…I know you’ll look adorable in your overpriced party dress so defiitely take pics so we can see how you and your BFF look !

  2. freeandflawed Says:

    I turned the game on when they were trailing 16 to 28. When the fourth quarter rolled around, I told myself they meant to do that. I think they purposely sucked a bit to make it more interesting. Obviously they’re still capable of dominating the ball.

    Congrats to you and your patriots 🙂 Anyone who beats Peyton or Eli Manning is fantastic in my book 🙂

  3. nicoleantoinette Says:

    What’s the point of going out New Year’s Eve if you aren’t all fancy? I’m proud of you for planning to be the most dressed up one there, haha!

  4. Jamie Says:

    You can always justify cute dresses, shoes and bags. ALWAYS.

    I’m deciding what I want to buy for myself soon because I’m having my own personal life hates me crisis right now. That is my excuse for a new $600 handbag. TOTALLY JUSTIFIED.

  5. Trish Ryan Says:

    Go Pats! That was a great game. You can tell yourself that the fancy dress is to celebrate the 16-0 record 🙂

  6. Sara Says:

    awww love this blog! i will miss you when i’m in laguna… see you when i get back! xoxox.

    fuck hockey!

  7. Peter DeWolf Says:

    You DO sound like you were a very good girlfriend…

    You know, for a Patriots fan.

    Don’t forget that we’ll need to make a wager when the Colts meet them in the playoffs.

    Now, to read this Sas blog of which you speak.

  8. one girl Says:

    Yay for buying New Year’s dresses! Totally justifiable.

  9. Michelle Says:

    happy new year!! it’s the best time to get dressed up in my opinion 😉

  10. mikesgotnothin Says:

    yay pats is right! i was lucky to be there. it was unreal! 19-0 here we come.

  11. Stephanie Says:


    So excited! And they made the 16-0 record on my BIRTHDAYYYYY!

  12. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:


    I know how you feel about scaring people off. I typically don’t tell people what I do, since 99% of the time I get, “Are you analyzing me?” or “Can you tell me why I/my mom/son/daughter/etc is so screwed up?”

    Hockey….Eh, you have a problem with Hockey, eh?

    Spoiling yourself is important, it sure as hell beats depriving yourself.

    Looking forward to the pics! We haven’t dared look at ours yet…though they involve: silly string, a ton of liquor, hot tub, and poor decisions.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    patriots lost the superbowl… GO CHEATRIOTS!!!!!!!

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