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santa was good to me.

Christmas weekend is officially over, but I am still chilling in my hometown, because why not? I’ve got nowhere to be, so I may as well hang out here and get home-cooked meals non-stop and spend quality time with my parents. Plus, I always find a change of environment is good for my work. It’s hard being stuck in my little apartment all day and sometimes I find myself in a bit of a rut just staring at my computer and not getting much done. It’s funny how when I was in college, coming home meant seeing tons of people and being super busy. Now it means not leaving my house at all and seeing no one but family. This is because all of my high school friends who were all over the country for college now live within 5 minutes of me in Boston. So I definitely don’t need to see them when I come home and I can jus spend the quality time with the parents.

Christmas was wonderful. It was spending the entire day in my pajamas. I basically sat on the couch and in the kitchen all day chatting with my parents, talking to my sister on the phone, and playing with my new toys. Sometimes it makes me sad that we don’t have crazy relative parties to go to, but mostly I like our peaceful little family Christmases. I’ll save the crazy relative fest for one week during the summer.

My parents went way above and beyond with the presents this year, but I’m not complaining at all. And I don’t think I did such a bad job picking out their gifts either. I think everyone was really happy with everything. I got the two things I really wanted:

My iPod died a sad death a couple months ago. I got it for Christmas 3 years ago and now I am pretty obsessed with this new one. It’s color! It shows the album covers! It holds 20,000 songs! Yay. I’ve spent endless hours organizing my iTunes library so it looks perfect on my new iPod.

My other “replacement” gift. I love my pink North Face a ton, but it’s so dirty and worn, I really needed a new one. I asked for either the white or the light green and my mom chose the light green. My friends will be pleased as they were all “DO NOT get the white one! You will regret it!” They know me too well. I’m sure I’ll do a fine enough job of getting this one nice and dirty anyway. I love it.

But the things that really excited me and made me feel like a happy little housewife on Christmas morning were the following:

Yesss! I have wanted a mandoline ever since I tried making sweet potato chips and couldn’t cut the sweet potatoes thin enough or in a uniform enough shape. My dad gave me a lesson on how to use the mandoline last night and now I am super excited to cut up all sorts of vegetables. Wow, I am such a huge loser!

I just can’t believe I haven’t had a blender in my apartment. I get SO many cravings for smoothies and now I can satisfy them all. And I will! I totally abused the blender at my ex’s and got obsessed with acai berry and soy yogurt smoothies, but I haven’t had them in sooo long. Blender will also come in handy for alcoholic beverage purposes.

Along with a plane ticket to Chicago and travel Boggle (yay!), my sister got me the best present ever. It’s a Crate and Barrel Cupcake Carrier!! I always have such issues with the transferring of cupcakes when I make them for parties and other gatherings because I have nothing to carry them in (I was starting to get quite creative). This is possibly the best invention ever and will be seeing a lot of use from me! My sister wants me to make cupcakes and carry them with me to Chicago. Hehe.

I still haven’t talked about the beginning of the weekend; I got a little off track with the telling of the ex run-in, but there was lots else to say. Like to write about the amazing dinner that was had on Saturday evening. And our fun little trip to the mall on Friday evening. For now I need sleep. Busy day tomorrow, including work, a visit to the neighbors (they are like my grandparents and LOVE to chat for hours), dropping presents off at family friends, running errands, and dinner with my aunt at the Met Club!!! Yay.

Hope you all had fabulous holidays too!! Sorry this post was so materialistic. Eeek. I really do believe in the true meaning of the holiday season!

13 Responses to “santa was good to me.”

  1. Peter DeWolf Says:

    Naw. Not materialistic.

    Just excited to get fun Xmas presents.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Yoda Says:

    You make cupcakes for parties? Awesome! I’m so inviting you to the next party I throw 😉

  3. Michelle Says:

    santa wasn’t just good to you – he WORSHIPS you apparently. lol. and i am in love with that cupcake holder.

  4. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:


    iPods are definitely an every day item, congrats! Travel Boggle AND a cupcake traveler thing…Wild Woman! LOL.

  5. Virginia Says:

    I am so jealous of your loot! I have never had a mandoline, but now I’m thinking maybe I can’t live without one. It looks so fun! And I bet I’d totally eat more veggies if I could cut them up in such crazy ways. And your new iPod? Adorable. Mine is dying a slow, painful death, and I know I’m going to have to cave in and buy another soon since I just can’t live without it.

    Can you please carry some cupcakes to Ohio when you get a chance?

  6. nicoleantoinette Says:

    The Oxo Mandoline is AMAZING!! We sell it at Williams Sonoma and I play with our demo one every chance I get. Is that the V shaped one you got? That one’s great because its blade is gentle enough to use on softer things like fruits.

    Wow, did I just sound like the biggest foodie loser or what…

  7. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Foodie and Loser don’t belong together!! I’ve been wanting one of those Mandolines too.

  8. Trish Ryan Says:

    I am almost envious that you had a dilemma of how to carry cupcakes. It means you’re one of those people who ALWAYS gets the early invite to parties because folks know you’ll bring something yummy and homemade. Now that you have the transport problem solved, expect your popularity to skyrocket 🙂

  9. Damsel in Digress Says:

    those are awesome presents!

    is it weird that i got most excited about the mandoline? what?

    merry belated christmas, susie!

    and chicago? really? i hear a very cool girl lives there.

  10. L Sass Says:

    Nice iPod! Good job, Mom and Dad!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Susie Says:

    Peter- Thank you for justifying my greediness 🙂

    Yoda- Yess, invite me! I love parties and I love making cupcakes. And now I have something to carry them in!

    Michelle- Oooh maybe Santa wants to marry me…he’s more than welcome if he keeps bringing such awesome presents!

    TR- HAHA I am totally a wild woman with my travel Boggle and cupcake carrier…add in the mandoline and watch out!!

    Virginia- You definitely cannot live without a mandoline…trust me! And I’ll be sure to carry some cupcakes to Ohio ASAP 🙂

    Nicole- Yes, that’s the one! And if you’re a foodie loser, I don’t even know what I am…love it.

    TR- That’s right!

    Trish Ryan- I wonder if the cupcake carrier will make my popularity skyrocket…I doubt it. Though I did just get an invite to Ohio. Hehe.

    Damsel- Not weird…I got most excited about the mandoline too. And I think I heard that about Chicago too 🙂

    lsass- Mom and Dad?? Did you mean Santa????

  12. Larissa Says:

    Oooh, fun gifts! I love how becoming a housewife suddenly changes your taste in presents. I got a TON of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks this year 🙂

  13. k a t i e Says:

    I got a Mandoline, too! And I am in love with it. In love.

    I too can now many sweet potato chips without removing my own thumbs with the knife! Hurrah! Glad you had a nice Christmas – I can totally relate to going home for peace and quiet and getting things done etc.

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