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i don’t sleep. i eat. and talk.

I’ve got a lot going on right now and haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep. Such is the life of a final semester graduate student, I suppose. I have a big project due tomorrow and have been up late working on it. I think it’s pretty damn good and I’m not too worried about our grade. That said, I hate group work, but I’m learning that I can work with pretty much anyone no matter how much they annoy me, stress me out, make me wonder what the eff they’re doing, etc. So that’s kind of comforting. I have successfully kept my cool and smiled through so many situations where I just want to flip out. Let’s just say me and my fellow grad students? Not so much on the same page. But that’s fine, I can appreciate them and their oddities.

I really haven’t stopped eating a ton since Thanksgiving and probably should slow it down a little, and start working out more. Today I had to go out to lunch with my classmates so we could work on our project. And then tonight I got some dinner with Sas. She is my only friend who will eat Indian food (besides my dad), so we went to Rani, a fabulous Indian restaurant in Coolidge Corner. For some reason, we were served extremely quickly and, because we are pigs, we also ate really fast. Soo since we weren’t quite done with our discussions (what didn’t we talk about??), we decided to go to Finale for dessert. Now, Finale came to Coolidge Corner probably a year ago. And when it did, I went absolutely crazy claiming “I am going to be here every single night!!!” Yeah, tonight was my first time. But it was awesome and I can’t wait to go back (within the next year, ha). Sas and I split the tiramisu (how romantic) and each had a delicious toddy coffee. I had the Mexican coffee with Kahlua. Exactly what I needed on a nice, chilly night like tonight.

While out, I realized I had completely forgotten about Panera, another place I claimed I would go to every single day, and have been to a total of one time since it opened. Sad, considering I legit live 2 seconds away. Then again, I need to stop eating so much. Really. I do.

I’ve decided that I don’t get my work done and I don’t sleep enough because I spend too much time talking. Whether it’s in person or on the phone or through e-mail, I need to learn to just shut up. I think the fact that I talked to Chelsee on the phone for 5 hours the other night says a lot about my issues. 5 hours is ridiculous, but I think we properly justified it by the realization that we hadn’t talked in 1.5 days (the horror!) and had a lot to catch up on. Tonight when I got home I talked to my roomie for 2 hours and then was on the phone for another 2. And all of the sudden it was 1:30 a.m. And my project was staring at me with evil eyes. Sometimes catching up with friends feels soo much more important than anything in the world. Especially sleep. And schoolwork. Maybe not so much as eating. But oftentimes, you can talk and eat at the same time. As long as you don’t talk with food in your mouth. I hate that. OK, I’m tired. That’s wayy evident.

10 Responses to “i don’t sleep. i eat. and talk.”

  1. Peter DeWolf Says:

    You know, if you learn to eat and talk in your sleep…

    You’ll be unstoppable!

  2. Shelley Says:

    Mmmm Panera. I grabbed dinner there last night with a friend. They need to put one on campus.

    Good luck with your final grad school project!

  3. Sarah Says:

    omg PANERA. A few times a month some benevolent soul in my office brings in Panera bagels for everyone and that is always the best day ever! Asiago cheese bagel + hazlenut cream cheese = heaven.

  4. t.b.f.love. Says:

    Same here on the Thanksgiving-induce eating spree – how to stop it?? I also know I need to, but then I went to Panera anyway and came home with bagels, and the husband asked me if I wanted to go to Chipotle for dinner, etc…. and so it continues. But yum to Mexican coffee+Kahlua!

  5. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Get out of my head already! I feel the same way about the unstoppable eating, and definitely about the talking to people/all forms of communication taking precedence over everything else in my life (to the point where I actually feel productive when I send out a long email, haha).

    And group projects? No.thank.you. I’m much too controlling.

  6. Virginia Says:

    Oh man, my eating has GOT to stop! Thanksgiving was like opening Pandora’s Box, and now everywhere I go there are delicious things. I need to learn some self-control.

    Hope your project goes well!

  7. Katelin Says:

    My eating has finally gone down a lot, but I can imagine it’s so much harder when you’ve got a project to work on and snack food and dinner meetings are just so convenient.

    Good luck on your project!

    And mmmmmmmPanera 🙂

  8. So@24 Says:

    Damn. All that and you still have the commitment to your blog and blogging fans.

    That’s dedication!

  9. L Sass Says:

    This post made me so hungry. Also, I hate to talk on the phone. Maybe if we were combined, we would each have a normal love of talking on the phone, right?

  10. The Bee Says:

    Insomnia is the worst! I totally feel your pain.

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