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and we didn’t even have to wait another 86 years.

World Series champions!!!!!! Honestly, that series was amazing and I’m still in shock that we swept. I almost started crying when I saw how happy the boys were. And I think it’s soo cool how many rookies made such a huge difference in our season. It was a total and complete team effort. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say things like “It would have been so much better if the Rockies won; the Red Sox always win!” Umm hello? We didn’t win a thing for 86 years. And we even waited a few years after winning in 2004. So, I think we’ve been playing pretty nicely. Then they say things like “New England wins at everything! It’s no fair!” I think it’s fair. It’s called we’re better than you. The best team wins and our teams are pretty damn awesome right now (I may have to exclude the Bruins from this statement, though I will try to keep some faith in them).

I watched the game at Chelsee and Katie’s apartment because a) we didn’t get an early enough start to be able to fit in any bar in Boston and surrounding cities, b) thinking about even being near alcohol was making me sick, and c) my mom told me I would probably get hurt if I went out. So we sat in front of the TV in our Sox t-shirts and enjoyed the game in a peaceful and safe environment.

Then Chelsee offered to drive me and Nina home and we had the fabulous idea of checking out the action more into the city. Kenmore was entirely blocked off so we just had to imagine the craziness that was there. I’d probably rather not though considering when we entered the Mass Ave. area, people (also known as college students) came from everywhere, surrounding Chelsee’s vehicle from all sides (also known as jumping on it). They started banging on her windows, climbing on her car, jumping on the roof, screaming, basically being complete morons and preventing us from driving anywhere. I honestly felt like we were going to die, the windows were going to smash, someone was going to tip the car over with us in it, etc. Nina said she felt like she was at a car wash (from hell) and there is honestly no better way to describe how it felt. This human car wash resulted in a huge dent in Chelsee’s brand-new, just paid $2,000 for hood. And us kicking ourselves because we should have known something like that was going to happen.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your mom. And while I love Boston and the Red Sox to death, there are a few citizens I could do without.

after the boys won game 4
we saw this scene many times on our after-game drive
Photos compliments of Boston.com

2 Responses to “and we didn’t even have to wait another 86 years.”

  1. Phantom Hater Says:

    The stomping the hood thing–that’s messed up. There’s always some d-bags out there who just don’t know how to celebrate.

    They just rolled over the competition. It wasn’t even fair. Anytime a team dominates like that, you get people complaining about it. But of course, when their teams are dominating, you don’t hear a peep.

  2. Valley Girl Says:

    Agreed. Moms are always right.

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