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halloween 2007

Last night was a success. And I can breathe a sigh of relief that Halloween is officially over for me. I actually would love to go to Sas’s mom’s party on Wed. but unfortunately I have class. I think I pulled off Nicole Richie pretty much all right. Down to the pregnancy part. We attended a party at Sas’s hair salon and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was two floors with DJs, alcohol, and, so many people we could barely move. Unfortunately, that made it hard to get to the alcohol. Things about the night:

It’s really difficult to see when you’re wearing sunglasses in a dark party at night. I don’t think I saw anything that wasn’t happening directly in front of me.

People don’t think it’s cool that you’re drinking when you’re pregnant. Even if your baby is just a shirt stuffed under your tank top.

When I’ve had some wine and someone says something shitty about my friend, I will confront them fearlessly. Even if it’s a big group of guys. Seriously though, don’t go to a Halloween party if you’re not going to dress up, choosing instead to wear Abercrombie logo shirts. Don’t make horrible racial comments. And don’t start chanting “Tom Brady takes it up the ass” because one of our friends is dressed as Tom Brady. Honestly, if you’re lowering yourself to making fun of Tom Brady, you have slight insecurities. And don’t be jealous because you’re standing in a big group of other lame guys and “Tom Brady” is with his extremely hot girlfriend dressed as Giselle (aka Sas) who you’ve been making inappropriate sexual comments to. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled and swore and gave a group of people the finger at a party before. It was kind of fun. And like Megan said, “If the alcohol wasn’t so hard to get here, I’d throw my cup of wine at him.”

The guy we met dressed like Mike Lowell legit looked like Mike Lowell. I had a serious talk with him and asked him a billion questions and much like Mike Lowell, he stayed calm under pressure and didn’t seem annoyed with me.

You know they’re keeping it classy when you ask the people running the bar what kind of wine they have and they say “red or white.” Okayyy.

I celebrated Halloween and didn’t even get any candy.

I may or may not have destroyed some of the ex-bf’s property outside his window at 3 a.m. And he may or may not look at this blog. So if he does, I apologize. I was legit fooling around and just touched it and it came smashing to the ground. You may want to consider fastening your flower boxes to the window from now on. Anywayyy, it seemed kind of like a Nicole Richie thing to do, becoming violent with the ex’s property and all. Seriously, my bad.
It’s Nicole Richie bitchesss.

5 Responses to “halloween 2007”

  1. Sara Says:

    1.)your costume was great.
    2.) those guys SUCKED
    3.) i got ridiculously drunk and don’t remember half the night (or at least the pictures chelsee took) and for that i’m sorry 🙁

  2. LooLoo Says:

    pregnant and drinking, thats hot.

  3. TX Poppet Says:

    Found your blog via NaBloPoMo. Glad I did.

  4. Gooseberried Says:

    Haha, that part about people not liking it when you’re pregnant and drink even if it’s fake is so funny. 🙂

  5. Phantom Hater Says:

    I just saw that on MJ’s blog about girls talking trash about pregnant girls drinking. Back in the day, women used to smoke and drink Scotch up until the 3rd trimester. The kids turned out fine, except for the occasional extra eye or finger.

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