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learn the benefits of not drinking.

After returning home slightly tipsy from last night’s blogging event and watching the Sox claim another victory, I checked my mailbox. Bills, catalog, New York mag, and cute little flyer. What did the flyer say? “Emerson College recognizes National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week- October 21st-27th. Plan to Drink Responsibly” First of all, why am I receiving this flyer on October 25th, two days before Alcohol Awareness Week is over? Apparently they don’t think we will be drinking Sun-Wed. Um, it’s World Series week in Boston; they are oh so wrong.

The front of the flyer wasn’t bad. It gave me some ideas for how to drink responsibly, though they are nothing you shouldn’t already know. The best part of the flyer was the part on the back that offers a list titled “Keep in mind some of the benefits of not drinking.” Here are some of their reasons you shouldn’t drink:

  • no hangovers– Wow, really? If I don’t drink I won’t get hungover??
  • better quality of sleep– I sleep amazingly well if I’ve had a few.
  • better mood– Not true. Alcohol puts me in a good mood.
  • healthy, hydrated skin– Trying to appeal to the vain.
  • more money– Again, really? I’ll have more money if I don’t drink?
  • less embarrassment– HA. could be true.
  • better workouts– Trying to appeal to the jocks. Not sure how they figure this.
  • healthy liver– Scare tactic.
  • less drama– Again, possibly true, but we all need a little drama in our lives. Drama happens when you’re sober too. And bored. Boredom happens when you’re not drinking.
  • easier to quit smoking– As if a drinker/smoker cares.
  • more energy on the weekends– And more boredom.
  • easier to get up early– Because you go to sleep at 7 p.m. due to lack of anything to do.
  • more quality time with friends– I have lots of quality time w/ friends when alcohol is involved.

I understand what they were trying to get at, but come on, this is pathetic. I would love to have written the copy for this. Unfortunately, when you get a bunch of adults and non-drinkers together to try and get people to drink less, it doesn’t work. Guarantee not one student looked at this flyer and said, “Wow, they’re right! I’m going to stop drinking.” They should have someone who does drink (responsibly) writing this. I could have done of fabby job of telling kiddies how to have a few, enjoy life, but wake up alive the next morning. And I would have gotten it out on time too. I also think it’s lame they’re sending it to 25-year-old graduate students. And furthermore, who plans National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week over Halloween weekend??

Tonight I’m going to the last Celtics pre-season game and my very first Celts game/professional basketball game ever. Yay! I’m sure I will have some drinks. Tomorrow night is the Halloween party, where I’m sure I will have more drinks. I’m responsible though. I swear.

9 Responses to “learn the benefits of not drinking.”

  1. Gooseberried Says:

    Haha! There was always tons of those types of flyers hanging up around my college. A lot of them were surveys saying things like, “67% of NAU students drink less than two drinks per week.”

    All I could think was…yeah right!

  2. Sara Says:

    that is funny as hell.

  3. Advanced Research Says:

    Actually, I am 32 years old, college certified, and agree with the content of the flyers. I have never had a drinking problem, but can certainly appreciate the benefits of not drinking. Reading these flyers actually makes me not want to drink at all. In fact, that is precisely what I intend to do now that I have read these flyers–seriously. I would rather be clean, sober, save money, maintain a normal, pleasant, sleep regiment, not have a hangover, not feel crummy all the time and stay physically fit. I would rather play sports and stay the hell away from alcohol all together. There are plenty of perfectly positive and constructive alternatives to drinking and these flyers have inspired me to live a completely healthy lifestyle.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am assuming that the original poster was kidding around . . . right? It was hard to tell from her writing style, however.

    If she wasn’t kidding, it’s a real shame to see such a pretty girl be so mislead and in denial. Ah, but she’s still young . . . and hasn’t had a bad enough experience due to alcohol to wake up yet. It will happen, soon enough, and sadly enough, my dear.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have had a drinking problem so I know from experience that all the things listed as benefits of not drinking are actually true, and to be honest reading this stupid blog kinda pushed my buttons, as I’m sure it did others.

    Boston Babe, I’m sorry, but you are probably the dumbest bitch I’ve ever seen. Anyone who even has an ounce of brains, drinker or non-drinker, would admit that it’s “healthier not to drink”…

    And all your little comments make you look even more retarded, and like a huge alcoholic.

    Here is how I picture you: Dyed hair, probably blond, and very very tan, probably from a tanning bed. You also wear a large amount of makeup with something glamorous for your outfit.

    Hope you have fun Clubbing, whore.

  6. Drew Hoolhorst Says:

    I love that anonymous people always rant the most angry shit on blogs. Why are you reading this if you are so angry? And you were an angry alcoholic before? Noooo, seriously? I could NOT have figured that out. Here’s an idea: go to an alcoholics group, anonymous. I hear there’s one with your name in it, so you can rogue drop hatred there, too.

    You see how I did that, right there? How I cleverly alluded to alcoholics anonymous? Like your name? GOD i’m funny.

  7. peterdewolf Says:

    Why would someone be mean to Susie? She’s a sweetie.

    Though she is a Pats fan…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this is good for a middle school project on non drinking!!!

  9. Iris Says:

    LMAO yeah those flyers can appear silly. I’m in college and can’t drink though (I have alcohol dehydrogenase deficiency) and I do have better skin than all of my friends (sorry guys; I know it’s vain but it’s true).

    But yeah, this is hardly going to stop a drinker drinking, especially students. Pointless.

    P.S. Don’t come on someone’s blog and call them a whore, Anonymous. If you can’t talk nicely don’t talk at all. I think the profile pic is cute!

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