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Archive: September 2007

cute mom dreams.

As we get older, our relationships with our parents often grow and mature. We generally become more accepting of each other and they usually try to encourage and support the paths we choose to take in life. But sometimes their dreams for us refuse to die. I went home yesterday to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday. Her’s was last week and mine is next week, and since she had plans on her birthday and won’t be here on mine, we decided to celebrate last night. Of course, she feels a tremendous amount of guilt that she will be away on my actual birthday. “Mom,” I keep telling her, “It’s a Saturday…honestly, I have plans with my friends and wouldn’t come home anyway; please don’t feel bad.” But she still feels horrible and tried to ease her guilt by buying me lots of gifts. OK, fine by me.

This is where Cute Mom Dream #1 comes in. She knows me quite well and gifted me with things that she knew I would love and appreciate: a gift card to buy a new comforter, a gift card to Panera (she knows I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of the Coolidge Corner location), Guess jewelry, lots of coffee for my Tassimo, cooking supplies and cupcake making accessories, Philosophy products, and tons of books. But among the books, were three I was quite confused by. They were called “How to Write a Children’s Picture Book” volume I, II, and III. Now, my mom is well aware that I have nooo interest in writing children’s books, but for some reason, she thinks I would be just fabulous at it and has dreamed about it from the time I was learning to read children’s books.

She had dinner with her friend the other night. Her friend has a son, Matt, who is an artist. Obviously, during their dinner they discussed the idea that I should write a children’s book and Matt should illustrate it. Brilliant! The only problem is, I don’t want to write a children’s book and I haven’t talked to Matt since we were playing with Big Wheels in his driveway. But my mom refuses to listen when I tell her I don’t want to write children’s books (“You’d be sooo good at it”). She doesn’t quite understand that writing a book is something you have to really want to do with all of your heart and not just because your mom thinks it would be fun and she’d like to tell her friends about it. And that reading “How to Write a Children’s Picture Book” volume I, II, and III, will probably not give me the passion I need to do write an actual publishable book. Some people think that writing childrens books is easy. It’s not. Do you have any idea how many manuscripts children’s book publishers trash every day? Pretty much all of them. So, that’s Cute Mom Dream #1

Cute Mom Dream # 2 is also a whole lot of fun. My mom and her friend Kathy, who I rarely see, went to my aunt’s for the afternoon last week. I told my mom I would stop by to say hi to them and she said, “Make sure you look nice…” “Umm OK mom, are you worried about me looking like crap?” I think I usually manage to look fairly presentable. Then I realized that it’s been her and her friend Kathy’s life long dream for me and Kathy’s son to get married. One small problem with their plan? Kathy’s son has a girlfriend. Oh, and Kathy’s son and I haven’t seen each other in 4 years. Basically, the whole time I was at my aunt’s house, Kathy stared at me and ooohed and awwed about how she wished her son was there to see me. “Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” I asked. “Not if he saw you!!” she replied. She said she loves her sons girlfriend but looked sad as she said, “Your mom and I had plans you know.” I KNOW. I know all about your plans, and they involved three houses all in a row. One for me and Kathy’s son, one for my mom and dad, and one for Kathy and her husband. Wouldn’t that be lots of fun?

My mom supports my life and every decision I make, but if she had it her way she would change a few things. If she could pick my career and future husband, she would in a second. But she trusts me and knows I will make her proud. If only I would just try to write that children’s book. She knows I could do it. And maybe, just maybe, Kathy’s son will break up with his girlfriend once he sees my mom’s beautiful children’s book writing daughter. Right. I love you more than anything, but dream on, Mom.

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forgotten daughter.

It’s sad when you go home to your parent’s house and see that the fridge is covered with 18 photos of your sister and her boyfriend, and none of you. Take into account that my parents never put anything on their stainless steel fridge because it’s not magnetic. So, it’s basically an empty fridge front with 18 pictures of my sister and her boyfriend, including solo shots of her boyfriend. Did my parents forget I was also a part of the family? Maybe a bit more so than my sister’s boyfriend?

Their excuse was that they had no pictures of me. I live 20 minutes from them; my sister lives 15 hours away. How is that possible? So I just e-mailed my dad a whole bunch of pictures of me, so he can print them out on his little picture printer; and when guests visit, they will see that my parents actually have two daughters. If I still haven’t made the fridge on my next visit, it’s gonna go down.

Perfect fridge pic of the sister and me.

babies in bars

It seemed like a good idea. We just wanted a chill, take it easy Saturday night, so we decided to check out the new bar on Commonwealth, Joshua Tree. We hadn’t been there since it had changed from Tonic and we heard it was a great sports bar. Plus it’s pretty close by and we figured we could just hang out, get some drinks, and have fun. Basically, it was a mistake.

There’s nothing that will make you feel more like an elderly person at age 24, then spending your Saturday night at the Joshua Tree. After having awkward convos with several groups of guys, I looked at my friends and said, “You know you’re in trouble, when every single person you talk to asks you where you go to school.” And they did. When we replied “We’re not in school,” they looked at us like we were delinquents or something…maybe we decided not to go to college? Or maybe we were still in high school? No, we must have misunderstood the question. “Sooo, do you, like, go to BU?”

When I told one guy I had been out of college for 3 years, he looked at me like I was crazy. “How old are you?” “24…” “NO!” he was completely shocked. “Um yeah, I’ll be 25 next week.” He just stared, like he had never seen someone so old in his lifetime. 25??? And in a bar??? Imagine that. I was so tempted to say something like “Yeah, you know, botox works wonders…I look good for my age, huh?”

Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure the drinking age in Boston is still 21, half of the people in the bar were definitely not 21, which didn’t really make us feel any younger. While we were standing outside the bathroom, we had the pleasure of watching a girl who was so ridiculously drunk, she was falling everywhere, slurring like crazy, and was basically a huge mess. Definitely not 21. Thank God, she finally got kicked out. Everyone in the bar just looked like children. Little boys with baby faces trying their best to pick up girls, though they don’t yet have any game. Girls who have no clue how much they can drink in short little dresses that were obviously purchased after mom and dad dropped them off at the dorm. When did I get so old?

It’s really too bad, because the Joshua Tree has a lot of potential. It’s nice and roomy with huge TVs and slushie machines. They played fabulous music and I hear the food is pretty good too. We decided we’d maybe go back on a Sunday afternoon for a Patriots game. “Right,” Chelsee said, “Sunday afternoon…when all of these little kids are doing their homework.” “Umm,” Nina replied, “These kids don’t seem like the homework type.” So true. But we can only hope that they’re more careful with the ID checking in the daylight. Or else we’ll have to wait for Christmas vacation…or next summer before we go back. I guess 24-year-olds just aren’t meant to go out in the Allston/Brighton area during the school year. Live and learn.

We decided that next time we are in a situation such as tonight’s, we are making up fake names and answering “Yes, we do go to BU.” In any case, it’s nice to know that for such an old lady, I can still pick up some fine 21-year-old men…er, I mean boys. Awesome.

The only thing that can make you feel older than seeing a “baby” in a bar, is having one yourself. But if you are a parent, take care of your kids with cloth diapers. And get flashy with organic and trendy diaper bags, which are affordable.

what do nkotb, donny osmond, and run dmc have in common?

I was talking with my friend the other day about concerts and shows we’ve been to, when it occurred to me that I’ve been to some interesting/weird shows in my lifetime. I’ve always had very eclectic music tastes and have always been into concert-going. Some of my fondest high school memories involve sitting in the study of my family home with my mom and simultaneously being on the computer and on the phone constantly hitting redial, trying to get Dave Matthews tickets.

Some of the randomest concerts/shows I’ve been to:

New Kids on the Block- My very first concert in second grade. I vividly remember the day my elementary school best friend came up to me on the playground and said “Guess what?! My mom got me NKOTB tickets!” She invited me along, and because her older brother had no one to bring, he invited my sister. The pictures from the concert and “tailgating” before are classic; me in my fannypack and visor, my sister in her over-sized NKOTB t-shirt; and my sister giving me bunny ears in every picture. The highlight of the show was when the screaming girl with horrible 80s hair who was sitting behind us, spit her gum in my friend’s mother’s hair. My friend’s mother then ripped her brand new NKOTB poster.

Donny Osmond- I am not ashamed to admit that Donny Osmond is one of my favorite people in the entire world. I can’t really explain it, but I have always been in love with him and fantasize about meeting him. When I heard he was going to be appearing with my favorite piano player, Jim Brickman, I made my mom get tickets and go with me…she fully supports my Donny obsession. It was an amazing show because Jim Brickman is a great performer anyway, but seeing Donny almost made my life complete (actually my second time seeing him, the first being in the front row at Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat). I was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that all kinds of women in their 40s and 50s were swooning over him as well, but whatever, I can take them on.

Ball in the House- My friends and I basically became groupies for this a cappella group called Ball in the House back when we were about 15 or 16. I don’t really remember how it happened except that we met them at a free concert for 98 degrees. Anyway, we went to about 80 million of their shows and thought they were the coolest things in the world. Strangely, none of my friends will really admit to this and always seem to say “Oh, I went to a couple shows, but I wasn’t one of the people who was really into them.” Well, I know I didn’t go to the shows alone, so clearly some of you were into it as much as I was. My favorite moment was when one of the guys called me to try to talk about playing at my school and when I came home, my dad exclaimed “Susie…the Backstreet Boys called!” Right, Dad. After Scott Harris left the group, I stopped caring. I occasionally see signs and ads for BITH, but sadly most of the original members are no longer in it (but they were semi-famous…they sang the Cool Whip jingle. ha.)

Ricky Martin- Another weird obsession of mine. Don’t ask. I know he’s probably gay and his music is less than stellar, but I went through a huge phase. So basically, I dragged Nina and Katie along with me and we sat in the worst seats in the world and watched Ricky shake his bon-bon. Life was good.

Run DMC- It may seem like an odd combination, but the Pat McGee Band was opening for Run DMC at Holy Cross my senior year of high school. I loved Pat McGee and my friend’s sister went to Holy Cross so we skipped school for a day and went to the show. I guess I just never imagined I’d see Run DMC perform, so it was pretty cool to watch them do “It’s Like That” and “It’s Tricky,” among others.

Nick Lachey- Sara will be mad that I’m putting this on the list, but the whole experience was a bit weird. Sara is in love/obsessed with Nick (I guess obsessing over Nick is slightly better than obsessing over Donny Osmond), so I agreed to go to his concert with her. It wasn’t the concert that was weird, it was the fact that we were pretty much the oldest people there (besides parents with their children) and everyone was screaming, crying, and going crazy. Definitely went out for drinks after that one. And I’m still mad Sara didn’t buy the Nick Lachey underwear.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten or blocked out more completely ridiculous shows I’ve been to, but I swear I’ve been to lots of “normal” concerts as well. And I’m sure I’ll go to many more weird and not-so-weird shows in the future. Hopefully, more of them will involve Donny Osmond.

wanna meat?

I can usually count on a good laugh by checking StatCounter to see exactly how people arrive at my blog. A lot of people get here through crazy search terms…I won’t even talk about the things people were searching for after I posted about the guy who told my friend he wanted to wrap her in bubble wrap (where have I been that I didn’t even know this stuff was possible??? Yikes). And despite my bashing, apparently a lot of people do search for information on Sandra Lee’s tablescapes. I stand corrected.

Anyway, tonight I got this friendly little e-mail from a blog reader:

Just want to know if you can give me a tip to enjoy my last to day on
Wakefield or Boston.

If you want to give in MSN contact with me
to know me better, this is my xxxxxx

Bye and

xxxxx from Argentina

For a split second, me and my naive self thought “Aww, I’ll tell him to go on a duck tour! That will be a lot of fun for him before he returns to Argentina;” and then I realized he probably didn’t really want my insider Boston tourist advice. So, I checked my trusty StatCounter and saw that someone had in fact arrived at my blog via Google Argentina. The search terms? Meat Boston Girls. That’s right. I’m the #2 and #3 search results on Google Argentina for Meat Boston Girls. Jealous much? I’m looking forward to meat’ing many more quality men through these search terms in the future.