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i iz on bloggerz writin bout catz

Honestly, as if icanhascheezburger.com wasn’t bad enough, now I’m cracking up over lolsecretz.com, too. I hate my sense of humor lately. Don’t know what’s wrong with me or why I’ve become so easily amused. I don’t want to laugh at cats. I don’t even like cats.

Growing up, we had a family friend who gave me cat gifts for every holiday. We never figured out why. She knew I had a dog and was obsessed with it. When I went to her house, I was obsessed with her dog. We never talked about cats. Yet, it was always cat-related presents. One time it was a wooden cat that was meant to hold my mail. I don’t know. Another year it was a ceramic cat with a rhinestone necklace. Then one year the cats just stopped. Thank God. Now it’s weird ponchos and earring holders. Maybe I secretly wish the cats would come back. If I had a cat I would take its picture and sent it to icanhascheezburger. Or lolsecretz. I might get a cat just so he can be a model. lol.

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