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why do we even bother watching?

It really bothers me when reality shows kick contestants off every week. In some cases, it’s OK, like American Idol, for instance. If you suck as a singer, you shouldn’t be there. And obviously, they have to get down to a winner, so they weed out the worst until they get to the best. I understand this. And on the Bachelor, it’s OK because if he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t like you. And he kicks people off until he eventually gets to his favorite bachelorette (seriously, isn’t this how everyone finds the love of their life?). Again, I can see the logic. But on shows where everyone starts off sucking at something and the point of the show is for them to improve, I feel like it’s totally counterproductive to kick someone off. Especially after the first week. These people need help! If anything, they should kick the most improved person off. They at least have a better chance of surviving alone in the world. But the person who is still the worst? They need to be on the show the most.

I was thinking this tonight as I was watching Beauty and the Geek. The guy who got kicked off was clearly in need of some serious help. That’s why he was on the show in the first place. So, what? They give him a couple days to be on the show and then they say “Time’s up! You fail. Go home.” Hardly seems fair to me. Will he go home and say “Wow, I am so geeky, I couldn’t even stay on a show called Beauty and the Geek. I should just give up now”?? Because I’m pretty sure I would. Who makes these rules? I felt the same way when I was watching The Pick Up Artist (I swear, I only watched it once. Mystery freaked me out. And I have a life. Sort of). Why are they kicking off the poor little guy who still can’t for the life of him pick up a girl? Weren’t they supposed to help him? I’m sure that will raise his confidence level the next time he’s out at a bar.

But the kicking off of contestants especially bothers me when it comes to the weight loss shows. The contestants are there to lose weight, but if you’re a little slower at dropping pounds than the others, you’re going to get kicked off. So, you’ll probably go home, get depressed, and sit on your couch eating ice cream, cookies, and Hershey’s bars for two weeks straight. I mean, you’re too fat to even remain on a reality show specifically produced for fat people. How does that make you feel?? Hello, NBC (And CW, VH1, etc.); you act all like you want to help people but do you even give a crap about them? No. You just want ratings. So, the fat get fatter, the awkward get more awkward, and the geeky get geekier. Yet, I still watch…and what do I get? Probably just dumber.

3 Responses to “why do we even bother watching?”

  1. Phantom Hater Says:

    So we should reward people who suck? They’re competition shows. If you lose, you’re out, just like any sport or competition.

    The guy on the Pick-up Artist was hopeless. We’re helping out the gene pool by not giving him the tools necessary to breed and create a new generation. That’s helping out all of mankind.

    Seriously, though, we all know VH-1 and ABC are not doing anything to better humanity with these shows. Everyone complains about reality TV, but they all watch it. I’m not complaining. I know the shows are vapid, pointless wastes of my valuable time. That’s why I love them. I also like to see people cry when they lose. That’s what I’m always hoping to see.

  2. Pinkstuffedbrain Says:

    I feel you on what your saying.
    But what if they kept these people on, then you’d be teaching the world mediocracy is ok. It’s unfair, but neccesary.

  3. Susie Says:

    I know what you’re both saying. I don’t think we should reward people who suck or praise mediocracy. That’s why I think you should get cut off shows where talent is needed. But if the show is about improvement, they should give them some time to improve.

    I know, I know, it’s entertainment. And it works on me because I watch it. It just made me sad when the little Asian guy with the bow-tie got kicked off Beauty and the Geek. He didn’t have a chance 🙁

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