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if excitement could kill.

I just read an article about lifecasters, people who go around all day with a camera on their head so millions of online viewers can see their every move. It made me really depressed because I realized that if I went around with a camera on my head, nobody would want to watch. I’d probably get about 2 viewers (Sas and Chels) and they’d most likely fall asleep within 5 minutes.
If I had become a lifecaster today, here’s what my viewers would have seen:

  • Me staring at my computer screen for about 8 hours looking at my job’s admin. panel, word documents full of relationship advice to edit, and job search sites.

  • Me staring at a lot of bills, including cable, electric, tuition, rent, faulty insurance bills, and the like.

  • Me on a disgustingly sweaty run that went at an OK pace until I thought it was a good idea to run up Corey Road and then up and down Summit. Then it turned into a horrible panting half-jog the rest of the way, and a stumble down the hill.

  • I think I might have stared at the wall for a little while, too.

And now viewers will get to see my exciting shopping trip to Trader Joe’s and maybe even, if you’re lucky, a stop at CVS. Does it get any more exciting than that? Seriously, are some people’s lives so exciting that others want to watch them 24/7? And where can I get a life like that?

2 Responses to “if excitement could kill.”

  1. oldmanlincoln Says:

    I never heard of “Lifecasters” and I guess I am fortunate. I would hate to go through my soon to be 73 years of life looking at photos instead of memories.

  2. Phantom Hater Says:

    I think it also depends on your level of attractiveness. A hot girl looking at bills, well, I could watch that for a few minutes. Then I’d probably flip to ESPN or Animal Planet or something.

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