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here we go again.

They’re baaaack. As Sas and I sat dining on Newbury Street, we realized it was finally that time of year again. The official end of summer and the official return of the college students. On the one hand, it was refreshing to see actual people everywhere; I felt like I lived in a city again. On the other, I’m not so excited to see hordes of college kids everywhere. I feel like such an old woman; I’m only 24 (exactly 1 month, 1 day till 25!), but I just feel like I’ve been over the whole college thing for sooo long. And I get so easily annoyed by college students. Granted I try not to complain too much because I know the colleges and universities are what make Boston and I really do appreciate that.

Just not looking forward to a more crowded T and ridiculous lines for bars. My friends and I decided we need to start hanging out in places where college students don’t go. Any ideas for hot weekend spots with a mid-twenties and older crowd?

The people on Newbury St. were just plain weird tonight and I almost got in a straight up fight with some chick trying to sell some sort of magazine. Sas and I were sitting on the steps of a building enjoying our JP Licks when she approached. We said no thanks and she said, “God, people in Boston are so rude! And nobody cares about the arts!” I said (seriously trying to be helpful), “Maybe if you took off your giant Yankees necklace, people would be more receptive to you” and she started talking about how people in NY appreciate the arts soo much more and then went on and on about how many pennants the Yankees have won compared to the Sox. I just repeated over and over “The Red Sox are 8 games ahead of the Yankees. 8 games. 8 games” (Of course, this was before I knew we were currently losing a game to the Yankees, pshh whatever). It got a little heated but she finally walked away still yelling about pennants. I hate people sometimes.

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  1. Phantom Hater Says:

    I live in a small college town myself. The main advantage are the drink specials. I know Boston is the Land of Drunks, but it’s expensive, so you don’t even have that advantage. Of course, at my age, I probably shouldn’t be doing an all-you-can drink special on a Wednesday, anyway, but whatev…

    During the summer, the traffic is lessened, the bars are empty–it’s funny how much of a difference the kids can make.

    Please stfu about feeling old at 24. Now, 25 on the other hand, that’s old. So you have a good month or so. 😉

    I think once you get out of college, there is a big leap in maturity and suddenly everyone in school just seems so *young*. 22- year-old kids look and act like 18-year-olds to me. OK, now I feel old.

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