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whatever happened to a night life?

Note to self:

Don’t leave your friends’ apartment at 12:10 a.m. expecting you can still catch the T, which I always thought was supposed to run until 12:30 a.m, but allegedly leaves Cleveland Circle for the last time at 12:10. You will then wait for the T for 15 minutes, realize it’s not coming and then stand like an idiot on the side of the road until it becomes apparent that nobody, especially not a cab, drives down Beacon Street at 12:30 a.m. on a Monday. You will continue standing like an idiot until a cop drives by you twice and then stops to ask what you’re up to, probably figuring you’re a hooker or selling some sort of illegal substance. He will then offer to go find a cab for you. When he returns, he will lecture you about not calling a cab before leaving your friends’ house and not at all understand your reasoning behind it.

Life would be so much easier if I could just walk anywhere I wanted at any hour. I hate living in a world where I can’t comfortably walk 20 minutes to my apartment on a nice late August night. And I hate that I live in the Brookline and Brighton area and it’s pretty much completely dead any time after 11:00. Is everyone seriously in bed?? I think I just need to meet a group of friends who stay up ridiculous hours and believe that life is too short to sleep, like I do. It’s a lonely, scary world when the sun goes down…Thank God for Brookline cops who hail cabs for me.

4 Responses to “whatever happened to a night life?”

  1. Fornya Says:

    You should see this city in the early mornings, especially on the weekends. The streets and sidewalks are tumbleweeds until @ noon, usually later. It’s amazing. A great time to be in the city!

    And if you want to practice driving the streets of Boston without the pressure of traffic, definitely use Saturday and Sunday mornings as your time to hit the roads.

    The T is pretty much a longshot no matter what time of day it is. Best to just program a couple cab company numbers in your cell and spend the $7-15 bucks for the “safe” ride home.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The T shuts down depending on direction of travel. You can catch an outbound C or B train as late as 1:05am from Kenmore, but inbound ends an hour earlier.

    If yo want to do some late night walking, try the Pru. Its open all night, and strangely populated.

  3. Stealth Says:

    I used to walk home from downtown to Allston at 2am, and there were always plenty of, er, interesting people up and about.

  4. Leigh Says:

    I live in the area too and find it eerily quiet after 11…until about 2am as the drunken screamin’ eagles start making their way home for the night…

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