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england is fun.

Probably if America’s government meetings were more like Britain’s, I’d be more interested in politics. My mom and I legit watched the British House of Commons Prime Minister’s Question session for half an hour the other night because it was pure entertainment. I seriously sat in awe.

Basically everyone yells and “jeers” throughout the whole meeting. People randomly shout out “hear hear!” and stand up, smiling and laughing, hurrahing and booing. Women wear pink suits, men wear pink and rainbow colored ties. Nobody holds back, and they all make it clear how they are feeling. At one point, the prime minister actually quoted something as “crackpot, dotty, and frankly absurd” and they began to “trade quips.”

If you know me, you know I do not like foreign accents. I have never been able to understand how people find them “sexy” or a turn on at all (unless we’re talking Hugh Grant). But after watching this, I think I’m developing a thing for British accents. Maybe. David Cameron seriously made me laugh out loud several times with his “come on!” And British slang is just plain cute.

I’m not saying politics should be “entertaining” per say, but these politicians acted like normal people and weren’t needlessly polite or fake, and I felt like I could relate to them. I feel like they got a lot off their chests and managed to accomplish some stuff too. Maybe people in England are just more fun in general. I can’t lie; I’d probably watch another Parliment meeting if I happened to channel surf by one on C-SPAN. Or download them on BBC. I didn’t just say that.

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  1. Shelley Says:

    Interesting blog! Your musical tastes don’t differ much from mine. It’s awesome to find someone who knows who Tristan Prettyman is. Can’t wait til her new album comes out next year.

    Boston is such a pretty city. I visited there during my spring break. However, I didn’t get to do much while I was there since my friends decided to find things using a GPS that didn’t work too well with all the tall buildings blocking the satellite signal. I spent more time in the car than walking around and seeing things. If there was another metropolitan city I could choose to live in, it would probably be Boston. (Minneapolis being my first choice, of course).

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