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help, i’m lost.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a pretty horrendous driver, but I attribute this mostly to my extreme lack of directional skills. I basically couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag, but whatever; I’m good at other things. And I really don’t think I’m that horrible of a driver considering I’ve never been in any type of motor accident. And I’ve only been pulled over once (AND I was going 30 on a 30 mph road, I know this because I checked before I saw the cop. It was New Year’s Eve and NH cops hate MA plates. And I was legit 2 feet away from the house I was going to, which was slightly embarrassing considering they could see flashing blue lights from inside their house). Anyway, my ex-bf would complain and yell at me about my driving skills all the time. He said he couldn’t date a girl who was a bad driver and tried to instruct me. I didn’t have time for that.

I don’t have a car in Boston (or we’d all be dead) so I had to go to my family’s house today because I had a doctor’s appointment and my dad was letting me drive his car there. He just got a brand new GPS a few days ago and was excited for me to try it. Interesting purchase in itself considering my dad is retired and basically only travels from his chair on the back deck of our house to the hammock in the backyard, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need a GPS for that (unless that’s what retirement does to you). I think he just wanted a new toy, and finds a sense of wonder in driving around the town he’s lived in for 27 years seeing that the GPS woman knows all the street names.

Despite the fact that I’m no directional genius, I’m pretty sure I could get to my doctor’s office with some quickly jotted directions. But my dad convinced me to just set the GPS and do what it told me. OK, Dad. An hour later, his freaking GPS brought me all over the back roads of Burlington, MA, before it landed me where I needed to be. It took quite the scenic route. My fault I’m sure considering I got flustered by it telling me to take a right turn in .2 miles when there were 8 streets in a row that were .00001 miles apart. Anyway, I thought I knew how to get to my doctor’s office, until today, thanks to the GPS.

The fabulous part was that I talked on the phone the whole way back home, didn’t pay attention to where I was going, took about 37 wrong turns and got on 3 of the wrong highways, but I didn’t even notice because the GPS kept re-setting and getting me back on track without even accusing me of doing anything wrong. Take that, ex-boyfriend.

P.S. I know a GPS’s purpose is not to allow me to chat on my cell phone while driving and I know that’s bad to do and I should always be paying attention to the road. Especially when I’m already calling myself a bad driver.

P.P.S. If my driving skills don’t make me sound ditsy enough already, when I finally arrived to my dr.’s office, I was informed my appt. was actually yesterday. Do they have a GPS for life? Because I’m pretty sure I need one.

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  1. Bass Man Says:

    //Do they have a GPS for life? Because I’m pretty sure I need one.//

    lol If you find one, let us all know, because you’re not the only one.

    Thanks for a good chuckle.

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