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Archive: June 2007


Things not to say when you haven’t seen your ex-girlfriend in a long time:

“Oh, my friend thought they was you but I said no, that can’t be her. She’s like 20 pounds skinnier than that.”



Things that were fabulous about the MSPCA event last night:

The food- Seriously was not expecting such extravagant food. Thought they’d have people passing around appetizers, but not only did they have that, they had a hugeee array of really delicious food. Including a gigantic boat of really good sushi, amazing eggplant parmesan, and a tonnn more. (In case you haven’t noticed, I refuse to care that people think I’m a huge fatso after the nacho story…most of my blog entries are about food, and I like it that way).

The people- I think people who like animals are just nice in general. Hence my thoughts that I will never again date someone who claims they “don’t really like animals.” As I’ve always said, you can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat an animal. So true. And the people we met at this event seemed to be really genuine, good people. We sat with one man who adopted an 11-year-old dog who had been abused his whole life and had a lot of issues. The dog basically destroyed the man’s house (and his “pottery”), but as the man said, “they were just items.” He really wanted to give the dog a better life; and he is.

Randy Price- He has 25 cocker spaniels. Enough said.

The goody bags- I like events that have goody bags. Granted I don’t see myself finding any use for dog shampoo in the near future, still nice to have on hand.

All in all, I’d go to this again in a heartbeat. I’m extremely excited for the rest of this weekend too. It’s going to be a good one. At least it better be…I’m counting on it.

doin’ it for the animals.

Tomorrow night I am going to the MSPCA Spirit of Kindness Silent Auction at the Skywalk Pavillion Top of the Hub at the Prudential Center. I’m totally psyched for many reasons. The main reason being, I have been a long-time supporter of the MSPCA all the way back to my third grade days of day camp at the MSPCA Methuen location. Though I must take this time to say I feel like the MSPCA completely misled me and my sweet 8-year-old innocence and expectations of what camp was all about.

You see, when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to camp at the animal shelter, I jumped at the opportunity. I loved dogs and cats and imagined myself playing with them all day long for 2 weeks straight. But no, my animal-loving friends. In the 2 weeks of camp, we visited the actual dog and cat shelter twice. 2 times. However, here’s a sampling of the things we DID do at MSPCA camp

1) Make up animal names for ourselves. I was “Susie Seal” because I didn’t want to be Snake and I couldn’t think of any other “S” animals.

2) Get chased around camp by Teddy the Goat. He took a special liking to me and head butted me on several occassions.

3) Sing songs such as “I Got You Spayed” sang to the tune of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

4) Tie-dye shirts, lay them on the hay stacks to dry, and then watch in horror as Teddy the Goat climbed onto the hay stacks and trampled all over them.

5) Clean the horse manure out of the stables.

6) View pictures of baby calves, AKA veal in their horrible small living conditions. As well as pictures of starving and abandoned dogs.

7) Watch as one asshole kid tipped the porta-potty over with another child in it. Hence my fear of porta-potties.

8) Sit in a gross, dark barn loft filled with hay all day. They’ve since re-done the Methuen location and I think it now has an actual room in a building for campers (and real bathrooms too, ahem).

9) In my case, fall in love with a greyhound named Susie, and then get a peek at “the room” (as we referred to it) where she would be lay to rest.

So you see, MSPCA camp wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I like to joke that my mom sent me to animal slave camp/brainwash your child camp and that they should have been paying us for me to go there every day, rather than my parents paying them. However, I did go back for a second summer. Why? Because I love everything the MSPCA stands for and I would probably work there for free for the rest of my life if I didn’t have a pesky thing called rent to pay for, the necessity for health insurance, and a love for the finer things in love (just being honest).

The MSPCA taught me that there are other animals besides cats and dogs that need help. They taught me that every act helps, no matter how small. While I’m not yet in a position in my life to donate a lot of money to any cause, I do the little things where I can (like bringing old blankets, towels, and comforters to the shelters). They taught me that there are plenty of people in the world who have no shame mistreating animals and that we need to do everything we can to stop them.

So, I’m super excited to see what tomorrow night’s all about and to support my all-time favorite organization. Plus, my all-time favorite newscaster Randy Price is hosting the event. Yay! And who can turn down a dinner at the Top of the Hub? Not me.

P.S. anyone want to buy me a goat? As much as I despised Teddy at the time, he gave me a great appreciation for goats and I’ve always wanted a pet one. One who won’t head butt me.

must love dogs.

Weirdo of the day:

While enjoying the beautiful sunny and sweltering hot day from a public grassy hill in Brookline, I encountered an incredibly strange man. Luckily, he stayed away from me. Had I brought a dog along with me, I may not have been so fortunate. It took me a little while to figure out who the man resembled, but then it hit me. He totally looked like the creepo uncle from Napoleon Dynamite. You know, Uncle Rico (sans sweatband, unfortunately). He didn’t have quite as much hair, but otherwise I’m pretty much sure it was him.

I first noticed him staring at a girl in her early-20s who was sitting quietly listening to her ipod. She had a cute little dog (springer spaniel maybe?) who was sitting obediently by her side. The dog noticed Uncle Rico, too. That’s because he was a)making come hither faces at it and b)holding up a giant stick, as though he were taunting the dog to play fetch. Every time the girl turned around, he looked the other way. Finally, she got skeeved out and walked away. As she and her dog left, Uncle Rico picked up a tennis ball and threw it at them. The girl walked faster without turning around, and Uncle Rico threw a stick at them. He stared after them until they were out of site.

Five minutes later, another girl came by walking a dog. Uncle Rico stared and stared and then started a conversation with her. I couldn’t overhear but she looked completely sketched out, seemed to be politely answering his questions, and then quickly left. Every time a dog came within view of this man, he picked up the large stick and tried to get the dogs’ attention.

When no dogs were within view, Uncle Rico sat on the stone wall and made loud noises by slapping his hands on his knees. At one point he got up, took off his shirt (ew), walked around, put his shirt back on, and sat down. What is wrong with people? I am honestly concerned for all dogs in and around the Brookline area. Keep your eye out for Uncle Rico.

tuition makes me poor.

So today I basically depleted my life savings. Well I’m not entirely broke, but I should probably get a real job soon, huh? Anyway, I decided since I had the money and I really don’t feel the need to rack up anymore student loans, I would just pay for my last semester of graduate school and get it over with, interest free. Whoo. I tried to pay with my credit card to get reward points (yay Amazon gift certificates!) but they told me I would have to pay a $68 surcharge. Yeahhh right. So, right out of my checking account the money went.

I am still in shock over how much one class (+ fees) costs. Seriously, I really had no idea bc I usually just let Sally Mae take care of it. It’s seriously disgusting how much one single credit costs. For the price of one credit, I would be just a bit short of buying one of these. Yeah, that’d be nice. So for one class, I could practically buy four. But instead, I’m spending my hard earned money on education and my future. Go me. Ugh.

I don’t regret it, because I love school, will be happy to have my degree, and feel like I’ve learned a tonnn about the industry and about myself as a person. As much as I’m excited to be done, I have noo idea how I’m going to survive not being in school. I am so lucky that my parents paid for all of my undergrad so that I was able to afford graduate school on my own. Sure I have some loans, but education is worth it, right? Please tell me it is. Ooh fitting that we just got our rent bill yesterday, too…there goes another Prada purse. That’s my life right now…

…Anxiously awaiting the new Ryan Adams CD (Easy Tiger) which will supposedly be mine in less than an hour. Yay!