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hate is a strong word…but it’s true.

There are a few things I hate in this world. I know hate it a strong word and I probably shouldn’t use it. Let’s just say I have really strong opinions on certain things. These are not huge world issues, just items I’m not fond of for various reasons. For instance, I do not enjoy:

  • Monkeys-at all, ever, period. I think monkeys are the worst animal in the entire world and I am entirely confused as to why people think they are cute. There’s nothing I hate more than monkeys on t-shirts, monkey stuffed animals, monkey decor. Monkeys pick things off other monkeys. Cute? I don’t think so. I’ve never enjoyed monkeys, but if you must know, I saw 2 monkeys involved in a disturbing situation about 6 years ago and I have never gotten over it. Monkeys=gross.

  • Birkenstocks-Just don’t like ’em. Never met a person who looked good in them; don’t understand the appeal of them. If you can change my mind on this and convince me that Birkenstocks can be attractive, by all means do so. But I don’t think you can.

  • Elephants-I am a huge animal lover, but not a lover of huge animals. Especially huge, dirty, wrinkly ones. Cartoon elephants are just lovely (ie Dumbo), but live elephants are just gross. And smelly.

  • Scallops-Maybe the only food I will absolutely not eat. They make me sick and that’s all I can say about them.

  • Whipped Cream-I lied; there’s another food I will not eat (if you can even call it a food…debatable). DO NOT come near me with whipped cream and don’t ever try to do that thing where you try to squirt a whole thing of it into my mouth (ok, that sounds dirty). Anyway, if I even hear the squirt of the can, I gag. Home-made whipped cream, slightly more bearable and at least it’s fun to make. Bottom line: whipped cream is NOT sexy.

  • Camping-Not fun. Why do I want to spend the night outside on the hard ground with bugs, etc? Take me on a long uphill hike any day, but then bring me home and put me in a nice warm, comfy bed. I love NOT camping.

  • Raspberry alcohol-Also makes me gag. Honestly, the thought of it makes me shudder. I do, however, love real fresh raspberries. I think the flavor people just haven’t yet figured out how to make a good raspberry flavoring, and in alcohol, the combination is deadly.

Never had a problem with pigs before. Actually thought they were cute albeit dirty. But they are dirty in an adorable, playful way. Then my friend sent me this link tonight.

How nasty is that? I would not go near that thing, dead or alive. Giant pigs…so not cool. Sorry guys, you’re added to my list.

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  1. Chelsee Says:

    Eww, even I hated that pig… and i never ever hate pigs. ::oink::

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