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Archive: May 2007


Last time I went home my mom bought me new $350 glasses. This time she got me tickets to the Michael Buble concert. Maybe I should start going home more often…JK I love my parents and would go home even if they lived in a box. That’d be weird though. I’m glad they have a nice house and know how to cook amazing, gourmet dinners.

Why is it that people frantically clean their house before their housekeepers come? I’ve always wondered this, and then tonight I ran around cleaning my aunt’s house, doing all the dishes, taking out the trash, etc. because I know the housecleaners are coming in the morning. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I sat out in the sun by Jamaica Pond today and was extremely happy. On a day like today, it was hard not to be. I seriously haven’t felt this content in a long time. I really love life right now. Though I have to say, this week has made me miss Trot Nixon a million times more than I did before when I could just push him out of my mind. What a true good sport, huh? I have so much respect. He’ll always be #7 to me.

hate is a strong word…but it’s true.

There are a few things I hate in this world. I know hate it a strong word and I probably shouldn’t use it. Let’s just say I have really strong opinions on certain things. These are not huge world issues, just items I’m not fond of for various reasons. For instance, I do not enjoy:

  • Monkeys-at all, ever, period. I think monkeys are the worst animal in the entire world and I am entirely confused as to why people think they are cute. There’s nothing I hate more than monkeys on t-shirts, monkey stuffed animals, monkey decor. Monkeys pick things off other monkeys. Cute? I don’t think so. I’ve never enjoyed monkeys, but if you must know, I saw 2 monkeys involved in a disturbing situation about 6 years ago and I have never gotten over it. Monkeys=gross.

  • Birkenstocks-Just don’t like ’em. Never met a person who looked good in them; don’t understand the appeal of them. If you can change my mind on this and convince me that Birkenstocks can be attractive, by all means do so. But I don’t think you can.

  • Elephants-I am a huge animal lover, but not a lover of huge animals. Especially huge, dirty, wrinkly ones. Cartoon elephants are just lovely (ie Dumbo), but live elephants are just gross. And smelly.

  • Scallops-Maybe the only food I will absolutely not eat. They make me sick and that’s all I can say about them.

  • Whipped Cream-I lied; there’s another food I will not eat (if you can even call it a food…debatable). DO NOT come near me with whipped cream and don’t ever try to do that thing where you try to squirt a whole thing of it into my mouth (ok, that sounds dirty). Anyway, if I even hear the squirt of the can, I gag. Home-made whipped cream, slightly more bearable and at least it’s fun to make. Bottom line: whipped cream is NOT sexy.

  • Camping-Not fun. Why do I want to spend the night outside on the hard ground with bugs, etc? Take me on a long uphill hike any day, but then bring me home and put me in a nice warm, comfy bed. I love NOT camping.

  • Raspberry alcohol-Also makes me gag. Honestly, the thought of it makes me shudder. I do, however, love real fresh raspberries. I think the flavor people just haven’t yet figured out how to make a good raspberry flavoring, and in alcohol, the combination is deadly.

Never had a problem with pigs before. Actually thought they were cute albeit dirty. But they are dirty in an adorable, playful way. Then my friend sent me this link tonight.

How nasty is that? I would not go near that thing, dead or alive. Giant pigs…so not cool. Sorry guys, you’re added to my list.

happy long weekend!

And Memorial Day weekend has begun! I’m loving that it’s actually summery weather; makes it much more enjoyable. I don’t have too many plans, but I’m definitely going to have some fun. Hanging out on Newbury St. this afternoon, going to the Paradise tonight to see My So-Called Friend in the battle of the bands, or whatever competition it is. Possibly going home on Mon. to see the parents as they will be back from visiting my sister in Chicago.

Also spending the rest of the weekend/beginning of next week dogsitting for my favorite little dog. The nice weather doesn’t mean much to her, as she unfortunately does not do walks. I’ve tried many times and it’s useless. She just keeps turning around trying to go back to the house. And she’s completely petrified of every squirrel, chipmunk, other dog, etc. She is adorable though. To read what dogsitting consists of, look here Don’t laugh, this is serious business.

The spoiled, but oh so precious, little pup herself (she’s impossible to resist):

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! Happy summer 🙂

commoners in the boston commons.

Boston can be sooo weird. Don’t get me wrong, you know I LOVE the city and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. But an afternoon on the commons is enough to make you wonder where the heck some of these people come from. A sampling of the unique things we saw between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m:

a) Way too many couples lying on the commons making out. Love is a beautiful thing, but since when is it acceptable to lie in a public area, tangle yourself up with your partner, and make out? I don’t care how good looking you are, nobody wants to see that.

b) A man in a business suit, baseball hat, and sunglasses attempting to discretely smoke a joint (but not very successfully as I was quick to notice him) while he listened to his portable radio . Again, when did it become acceptable to smoke joints in public areas? I wasn’t aware.

c) A man just randomly collapse. May have been drunk. Park rangers (what’s the purpose, again?) ran over to him, 2 ambulances, and a firetruck show up. Took unresponsive man away in ambulance.

d) Way too many people asking for money for their charities. Including a man claiming the purpose of his foundation was to fight racism. When we didn’t give him money, he yelled at my friend (who is black) and told her she may as well be white. Wow dude, you’re doing an excellent job at ending racism. See, you don’t even need our money.

e) A man who was either drunk or on drugs wandering around, sitting in weird positions, and basically doing calisthenics , i.e. spreading his legs as far as possible and lying down. Yuck. (see image below…if you dare)

f) Two girls in their twenties repeatedly hitting themselves in the abdominal area and chanting in some sort of ritualistic manner. The pounding went on for 20+ minutes and makes me wonder if the girls will ever be able to have children after basically punching themselves in the ovaries over and over. They also did other pilates-like moves and said things such as “shake it off, shake it off” and “I love my body, I love my body.” Then they rubbed their faces and said “I love my beautiful face” over and over again. It seemed to be some private self-esteem building class…or something like that.

g) While waiting to use the bathroom at Burger King, a woman telling us all about her abdominal troubles, using graphic language, claiming she couldn’t hold it, rubbing her huge stomach, and un-buttoning her pants before she even entered the bathroom. Ew.

And probably a lot more that I chose to block out as one can only take so much weirdness for one afternoon. Something for everyone in Boston, my friends.

This is how the man was lying. Click picture for full zoomed-in version. It was bad.

i’m not a college student…


With students away, it’s time to play.

Well, except for the graduate students leaving the city part, since I am one. But I’m also a resident of Boston and live here whether or not I am in grad. school. Anyway, with the college students gone for the summer, the city just feels so much less crowded. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Boston is such a college city and has so many opportunities for young people; I’ve only been out of college for 2.5 years myself. But no lines at the bars, how can you not like when they leave? Though I still don’t see myself frequenting the Beacon Hill Pub. Fewer crowds on the green line, yes please.

Also, I tend to get hit on by fewer young boys during the summer months. See, I don’t look my age at all. I often get the “wow, you’re in college?” No…I’m in graduate school. And don’t even get me started on the “you have your license?” umm going on 9 years. My last boyfriend had a 13-year-old sister and people often thought I was her friend. I think people were creeped out that I was actually the gf, despite the fact that he is only 3 months older than me. It’s horrible. But as everyone seems to tell me…I’ll appreciate it when I’m older. Yeah, we’ll see. But looking young means I get hit on by mostly the just-turned-21-year-olds. Then they ask me how old I am, and I feel like such an old person saying I’m 24.

So now maybe I can go out without having everyone ask me “where do you go to college?” and not look completely shocked when when I reveal my age. And maybe by September when I turn 25, I’ll actually look 20 or something. Yay for summer in Boston.