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yo yo yo…gurt.

I don’t have stomach problems, but I recently started drinking/eating (?) Danactive yogurt. Apparently, this yogurt helps to build your immunity through your digestive tract. But if you do a quick search on the Internet, people are claiming it cures all kinds of ailments from skin problems to migraines. Who knows. Personally, I think it’s just a marketing ploy and Danactive is absolutely no different than any other yogurt. But if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for marketing ploys. And I’m also absolutely obsessed with vitamins and foods that claim they will make me healthier. I’m a marketer’s dream because I will listen to anything and will most likely believe any BS you tell me.

Anyway, yogurt never hurt anyone, right? It was between Danactive and Activia, but Danactive won out because their commercials are slightly less annoying than Activia’s (and that’s not really saying much). I also like Silk Live! Soy Yogurt (yes the explanation point IS needed). I simultaneously love and hate the fact that I’m ingesting life bacteria when I eat yogurt, so that Live! in Silk’s title really gets me going.

You know what? If you want to know the truth, I actually do not even like yogurt at all; but they tell me it’s really good for me, so I eat it. A lot of it. And now I can’t get the obnoxious Activia jingle out of my head.

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