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stop teasing me.

Is anyone else confused my this weather? I’m cold right now. I thought maybe I was done with being cold. Yesterday was absolutely amazing and I really don’t like being teased like this! I cannot wait the real summer, especially since I now know the best place in Boston and its surrounding areas to lie out and catch some rays. And I’m not telling.

Oh, how I love being jobless. I also love the fact that in exactly 5 days, I will only have one more class to take before I have my master’s degree. I cannot wait for the beautiful summer days of hanging out and doing freelance work, and summer nights strolling around Boston with my friends (and eating nachos of course- HAHA). Anyone have any favorite Boston summer hot spots?

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  1. Sara Says:

    i am so jelous of you and your life. i want to lay in the sun during the summer rather then be stuck in a cube 🙁

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