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germ-free water.

The best invention I’ve seen in a long time is the new Poland Spring sports bottle. Recall, if you will, the old Poland Spring sports bottle. You pulled off the clear plastic cover to expose the white pop-up sipper top (my own terminology). And you had before you 2 options to opening the top. Option 1- Put your grimy, germ-infested hands all over the white pop-up sipper top that you will soon be putting your lips to. And Option 2- Grip the white pop-up sipper top with your teeth and pull the top up, risking the breakage of teeth and looking like a complete barbarian in the process. Neither are very pleasant options, are they?

Well, the new Poland Spring sports bottle has a clear plastic cover that is connected to the rest of the bottle. And there is no longer a white pop-up sipper top. Instead there is just a sipper opening that is fuller covered when the clear plastic cover is over it, and automatically opened when you remove the clear plastic cover.

Hooray for germ-free sports bottles! My prayers have been answered.

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