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I love learning.

I just found an amazing, I’m a complete geek and I love it website that I’ve been wasting time on. Now I’m going to be wicked mean and tell you that you can’t use it. Hahahaha. Sorry. One thing I love about being a student is that I have access to really great online databases. I usually forget how great these are until I have to look something up, and then I spend hours lost in them. Since I go to an artsy school, we have some pretty cool ones.

My new favorite is called Fiction Connection, and you can type in any book you want and it will tell you what other books you would enjoy. So I looked up Love, Etc. one of my fave Julian Barnes books (he’s a master of words…read him) and it gave me 48,000 books I might be interested in. Yay, I’m going to be busy! It will be interesting for me to check this out as I’m a bit concerned by the fact that I wasn’t entirely in love with the topics in Love, Etc. but I love Barnes’s writing in it. So I wonder how this database is judging what I’ll like. Anyway, you can also search by genre, topic, setting, location, timeframe, characters, character traits, reading level, media mention, awards, and bestseller lists. If you like books and can get access to this site (www.fictionconnection.com), do it.

There’s also a wicked cool site called Grove Art Online, where you can look up any work of art, get criticism on it, and send postcards. Fun.

OK, that was my I’m a huge dork and am trying to appreciate the resources given to me as a student post. Will not be a student for too much longer, and as much as I’m hating the stress and work right now, I will miss it. PhD?? Mmm not right now, thanks.

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  1. Tulip Says:

    hey susan! i love reading your blog. ur as bostonian as i am. hehe. umm, i went to this fictionconnection.com, but it won’t let me register. u did register, didn’t u? <3

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