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things that annoy me. and something I like.

Does it annoy anyone else when they buy a bottle of water from CVS and it takes approximately 60 seconds for the 20-foot long receipt to print out? Then the cashier must fold the receipt 55 times so that you can walk out of the store without it dragging on the ground behind you? I’m sorry but CVS and their coupons printed on receipts are getting ridiculous. I could deal with it if the coupons were valuable, but $1 off any $8 purchase of CVS brand cold medicine is not of any use to me. Then, if there is a deal I can use, I have to save the 20-foot long receipt in my purse for my next trip to CVS. Right, like I’ll remember that. Why can’t my CVS extra value card just give me the deals I’ve earned? What is the use of that anyway? I don’t get it.

On another note, paper towel machines that are motion activated. Do you ever notice how they give you about 2 inches of paper towel at a time? Not enough to dry your hands. And then, they make you wait about 20 seconds before they will detect your motion again and give you more. Obnoxious. Even more annoyingly, the one in school’s bathroom last night spit out paper towel at me every time I walked by it. Thanks, but no thanks.

Something I like- I got a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s today with a fabulous “The Way I See It.”

“People don’t read enough. And what reading we do is cursory, without absorbing the subtleties and nuances that lie deep within–Wow, you’ve stopped paying attention, haven’t you? People can’t even read a coffee cup without drifting off” -David Shore

How true is that? I love it, maybe I should check out House, the show he produces that a lot of people seem to love. Doesn’t look like my type of show, but I think it comes on after American Idol so maybe I could check it out…

Sorry this blog was so random. I’m in a random mood I guess.

2 Responses to “things that annoy me. and something I like.”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Whenever I buy something at CVS I am amazed at the what the printer spits out. It’s like clowns getting out of a car at the circus- When does it end? How many more can come out?
    The cashiers always act like it’s normal be holding the top of the receipt over their head while it’s still printing. This is not normal and I feel like they must be brainwashed not to speak up against management, who has obviously broken their spirit because they don’t quit either.
    It’s not normal.
    On a plus side VERY rarely I get a coupon at the end that will be something like 4 “CVS Bucks” that I can actually use for anything I want in the store.

  2. jason Says:

    You’re right about the receipt, but I’m more annoyed by the first part: that people are buying bottled water. It’s no better than the water you get from the tap, but there’s more waste (bottle, shipping, that receipt, etc).

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