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Archive: February 2007

cupcakes? yesss please.

Finally my favorite bakery is getting the recognition it deserves! I consider myself a near-expert on all things cupcakes and it is without a doubt that I can say Brookline’s Party Favors has the best cupcakes around. This is the stuff dreams are made of, my friends. If you know anything about a good cupcake, you will die for these. Seriously die. I have been a life-long chocolate lover but these vanilla cake/vanilla frosting cupcakes are absolutely amazing.

In this month’s February 2007 issue of Boston magazine, they listed Party Favors as #46 on their Top Restaurants 2007 list. And the writer claims she would drive from the South End to Coolidge Corner in Brookline for Party Favors cupcake anytime. ANYTIME. So that must make it easy for you to understand how difficult it is to live literally within walking distance of the place. I want a cupcake, I get a cupcake. I want two, I get two. A dozen? Hey, why not, they last a couple days in the fridge. As the magazine so correctly states, “the moist cakes smeared with towers of frosting are sweet but not sickly, and expertly decorated…”
As the author says, “No one else– not the Buttery, not Modern Pastry, not Lulu’s–comes close.” I try to explain this to people but they generally don’t want to take the time to travel the long road to Brookline, and will settle for less. Because once you have a cupcake from Party Favors, nothing else will satisfy you.
I need to lay off the bakery posts for a while, but I am just very passionate about cupcakes and got extremely excited to see this write-up. I dare everyone to drive through the Boston traffic to Brookline for a Party Favors cupcake. Or two. Or a dozen…Think I’ll go get some now.
Thank you Boston magazine.