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my dreams miss me.

For some reason I am really fascinated by that Rozerem commercial featuring Abraham Lincoln, a beaver, and a man who can’t sleep. This is one of those ads I’ve seen a million times but every time I see it, I like it even more. Just like the Comcast Slowsky ads (hehe). I can’t explain it. I usually hate ads for medications.

I think I like the idea that when I dream, I’m in a different world where I have people waiting for me. What does that say about me? That I long for better people in my life who I can maybe only find in my dreams? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just sleep-deprived and miss dreaming. That’s probably more likely. I guess I like the idea that my dreams may “miss me.” And how true is it that “When you can’t sleep, you can’t dream.” Of course, I never have trouble sleeping once I lie down. It’s finding the time to lie down that’s the problem.

Interestingly, I did a google search on this commercial and a TON of critiques came up. Who knew so many people critiqued television advertisements; many people love this ad, while just as many hate it. I have to say that if I had insomnia, I would definitely be using Rozerem…I’m a sucker for ads I guess.

Well, I think I’ll go hit the hay and hope I meet Abe Lincoln and beaver. I think my dreams miss me. Strange.

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  1. Danny L. McDaniel Says:

    Dreams are what reality is made of! So the next a person tells you to “dream on”, take it has a compliment!

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

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