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Archive: January 2007

Who needs friends when you have a TV

I’m pretty excited that there’s a new episode of The Office on tonight. I never thought I could get so into a 30 minute sitcom, but seriously, this show is the best. I’ve forced many unwilling people to watch it too, and by the end of the second episode, they all agree with me that the show is genius. My mom was loving it, and my dad, who I don’t think I’ve ever watched a television show with, was laughing uncontrollably. I could tell he was trying to hold it in and pretend he wasn’t watching. Ohh but he was.

New episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on too…I hate that I just said that. I was convinced I would never like the show and refused to pay attention when all my friends were watching it. Then I got sucked in and I have to say it’s not half bad. I guess I do understand what half of the hype is about. Not all of it though…maybe about three quarters of it. I’ll give it that.

I’m always talking about how busy I am and here I am blabbing about TV shows. Yikes. Well, all of that will probably change in about 6 days when I begin classes again. Wow, I’m not sure I’m ready for my vacation to be over quite yet. Only three more classes to complete before I am successfully done with graduate school. Then what? Definitely a vacation of at least 5 years. Then we’ll see.

Ok my television date for the evening just called and informed me he made us dinner plans. I hate when people don’t understand the importance of television like I do. Why on Earth would you schedule dinner for a Thursday night at 7:30? Come on, socialization over television? Looks like I’ll be at www.abc.com for the re-run of Grey’s tomorrow.

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” -Groucho Marx

I do love tiramisu

I don’t usually like Mike’s Pastry, but I had realllly good tiramisu from there today. It was delicious and reminded me that I should try to find my tiramisu lip gloss so I can enjoy the taste everyday. Ha! I’d like to find a good recipe for the cake and try making one of my own.

Interestingly enough, there is a whole website entirely devoted to tiramisu- http://www.heavenlytiramisu.com/. I should have known.

Mike’s Pastry generally leaves me much to be desired and I always prefer Modern. I wish someone would explain to me the appeal of Mike’s; is it the long lines? and obnoxious service maybe? Mike has to be the most generic American name out there; you’d think they could at least try to make the place sound semi-Italian. Well, I guess it’s better than Bob’s; Bob’s Pastry would be bad.

Oooh and to make matters worse, the Mike’s Pastry website is a copyediting disaster. Nope, you sure didn’t score any points with me there, Mr. Mike.

Can someone please explain this sentence to me? “Be seen in public, write letters to friends, sit and think pensively as people wonder what’s on your mind, read a paper, but most of all, enjoy our delicious desserts with the beverages that they were meant to be enjoyed.”

Do people still write letters to friends? Or is it more likely that the general public is sitting at Mike’s with their laptops typing e-mails or IMs to friends? And sit and think pensively as people wonder what’s on your mind?? Hello, we live in Boston. Nobody is for one second thinking about anyone else, much less what is on their mind. Well hey, maybe that’s just the magic of Mike’s…

The world is my lobster

Today was pretty much a mess of a day, which is one of my favorite sayings as of late. I was left alone at work today to the point where I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. I made nice friends with an attorney who then decided to subpoena me while I was all alone. I was on the verge of tears but luckily found some help. Many more things went wrong at work today, but I won’t bore anyone. Though my little friend, now that she knows my name, has managed to look me up and find my phone number so she can now call me non-stop to ask me her lame questions.

One of the commuter trains hit some people earlier today and screwed the whole train schedule up. I can’t remember the last time I took the train, but on the one day I decide to go to my parent’s house for dinner and to see my cousin, the train is 40 minutes late. And thus I come to the realization, it’s not just the T that sucks, it’s the entire MBTA system. 15 minutes stopped at one stop and nobody even bothers to tell us why. And since I am an amateur and it was dark outside, I had not the foggiest where I was.

BUT I arrived at my childhood house for a lovely evening at home with my parents, my Texan cousin, champagne, and a huge lobster dinner. Three hours in the warmth of my home was completely worth everything else crappy that happened today.

“A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.” -Lord Byron

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

On Friday it was discovered that a woman I work closely with was not aware of my name. Oh it’s ok, she’s only been at the agency for 8 months. And I’ve only answered approximately 1,395 of her stupid questions. And she’s only making approximately $30,000 more than me. When she showed me an envelope with my name on it and asked me what to do with mail for “people who don’t work here,” I just stared at her. That would explain why she’s been calling me “hun” so much. Today she wrote me 3 e-mails using my name, and I’ve come to the conclusion I liked it better when she didn’t know my name. At least then she had to walk across the office to ask me her dumb questions; now she can just e-mail me.

Today the receptionist called and asked if we had someone named Scott working for us. Oh yes, he’s only been here for 6 months.

Honestly, I think it’s extremely offensive to work with people and not take the time to learn their names. I’m not sure that I’ve ever worked with so many incompetent people who are making so much money; but I guess I should get used to it. How can you see and talk to someone day in and day out and have nooo idea of their name? Did she ever wonder?

Oh, and the kicker? I have a nameplate directly behind me. This job constantly amuses me…

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition

People with bi-polar tendencies get on my nerves more than anything. You know the type of people where you never know how they’re going to be acting one day to the next. It’s like you have to walk up to them quietly on tiptoes; will they be in a good mood today or will they bite your head off?

There are two things about me that make me do really unwell around people like this. a) I am extra sensitive to people’s feelings and tend to over analyze the signs they give off. If I sense a difference in the way someone is acting, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not good at going with the flow in this sense since I get uncomfortable when people are acting pissed off and I tend to overcompensate with happiness. This probably does nothing but annoy the already pissed off person and make them want to slap me for talking incessantly in a cheery voice. And b) I am rarely ever in a bad mood. Or even when I am, I do my best to hide it as there is no sense in making other people uncomfortable/unhappy along with me. Sure, I can complain and bitch with the best of them, but not in a depressed, woe is me sort of way (or should I say woe is I??). I save my bad moods to myself and try to keep them confined to my bed.

I have a strong belief that we can always be happy if we choose to be happy. Sure, sometimes it’s easier to be depressed, but why do that to yourself? Being unhappy doesn’t get anyone anywhere and can make a lot of people uncomfortable in the process. Sometimes I think people actually enjoy being unhappy; in some ways I guess it can make life easier. But life is so short as it is; do you really want to look back on it and realize that you didn’t even try to enjoy it?

I don’t know why I’m in this philosophical mood tonight but I think I’m just realizing how many miserable people are out there, who quite honestly have nice lives and not much to be unhappy about. I like being happy and don’t want anyone to bring my mood down!

It’s possible that I’m overdoing it with the quotes but I’ve always had a thing for them.

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” -Hugh Downs