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a world without music.

You don’t realize how much it matters until it’s all gone. When I turned on my iPod this morning ready to embark on my walk to work, I discovered I had no songs. None. Zero. Last night I had 1,700 songs, so I’m not exactly sure what happened over the duration of about 12 hours. All I know is that my songs are gonzo.

For many, this wouldn’t be a big problem. Just re-load the ole’ Ipod with your library on iTunes. I, unfortunately, just got a new computer about 2 months back. My old one is sitting in the depths of my parent’s basement, unable to turn on for more than 10 seconds. Therefore, 1,600 of my songs are sitting on that unobtainable hard drive. About 200 of those songs were purchased off of iTunes.

It was a silent, lonely walk to work and I’m preparing to do it again all the way to class and then home. It doesn’t bother me so much that I lost the time I spent working hard to load my CDs into iTunes. But it frustrates me beyond belief that I can’t get the songs back that I spent a lot of money on. Though I’m still hoping to somehow find a way.

I never realized how much I depend on my iPod until I don’t have it anymore. Now, all I want to do is listen to it. Woe is me.

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” -Frank Zappa

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