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it’s a dog’s life…and i’m jealous.

I’m a dog person. Always have been and probably always will be. I grew up with my collie as my best friend and as a child, I befriended every dog I could find. This also meant I was attacked by many dogs as I was that annoying kid who wouldn’t leave a poor animal alone. I didn’t care if the dog was eating or sleeping, I just assumed he would want to play with me. This is strange considering that as a child, I was pretty much frightened to death of most things. However, I was never scared of dogs and dreamed about someday adopting a wolf.

I spent this past weekend dog-sitting for my pseudo aunt and uncle’s little pup, Cissy. I’m not quite sure what sort of dog you are picturing a dog with the name of Cissy to be, but whatever picture you have in your head, you’re probably right. She’s a little cockapoo, fluffy little cuddly thing. Now, I love dog-sitting Cissy for many reasons. 1)I can get out of my apt. and go only a few miles down the road to my aunt and uncle’s very nice house, 2)I can bring all my laundry and do it for free, 3)They have all the movie channels and about 350 bottles of wine in their basement, 4)They pay me quite generously, and 5) I get to spend some good quality time with little Cissy.

Cissy is basically the spoiled rotten child of my aunt and uncle. They treat her better than you were probably treated by your parents. You certainly didn’t go to a salon every other week. And did your parents cook you all white meat chicken, cut it up, and feed it to you by hand each day? Did your parents let you sleep in their bed every night? Did they let you bring all your toys on the couch and stand on the table tops? I’m guessing not. Well, your life has not been as charmed as Cissy’s has been. Her sister, Cookie, who sadly died about six months ago, often let all the attention go to her head, and she would cause all sorts of trouble. But not little Cissy. Cissy takes it all in stride.

So basically I spent all weekend catering to the dog’s needs. It’s hard work hand feeding her chicken twice a day (while making sure her sinus pill is expertly hidden within a piece). And it can sometimes be difficult sleeping in a king sized bed with a dog who chooses to sleep right at your pillow. And did I mention that Cissy snores? Because she does. That’s what her sinus pill is for. Don’t even try to walk from one room to the other without Cissy following you. She WILL find you within about 4.5 seconds. And while a walk seems like a nice activity to do with a dog, it’s not going to fly with Cissy. She is not a walker unless that walking is done on the living room coffee table. She manages to get up on it with the little steps that were specially designed for her to comfortably walk onto the couch.

I’ll be back at Cissy’s residence this weekend where I will continue to wish my life were as delightful as Cissy’s. I sometimes have to laugh that my entire weekend is consumed by catering to a dog’s every need, but hey, like I said, I’m a dog person.

“No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.” -Fran Lebowitz

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