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Help Wanted: Job Search Translator for Life-Long Intern

Today marks the official start of my job search. It is a sad, sad day as I actually find my job quite enjoyable but have just about reached my wit’s end with it. Ladies and gentleman, I have been an intern for a year and a half now. 1.5 years as an intern. In my opinion, enough is enough. When I first started my internship, I worked three days a week and was not overly stressed with my work. Then I got transferred and have been working my behind off and since May I have been told that I would have a full-time job with benefits as soon as possible. And I’m finally sick of waiting. I’m sick of doing the exact same work as the other girl I’m working with and not getting a day off and getting paid beans. Our other co-worker quit, which gave us that much more work. And now our supervisor left and suddenly I am left doing my supervisor’s work. I do not mind the work and try to do it with a smile on my face, but when nobody even says so much as a thank you, it gets a bit wearing. Three of my co-workers overheard me talking and exclaimed “What?! You’re an intern?!” We actually have our own department intern because nobody really realizes I am one. But my paycheck sure knows! In any event, I have big expectations for myself and know I will not reach them in this agency…as an intern.

I’m actually enjoying the job searching process so far…who knows where it could lead me. But there are a few things I have realized while conducting the beginning stages of my search, such as a) There are many job titles I have never heard of and cannot for the life of me decipher. For instance, what exactly is an “Instrumentation Engineer- Instrumentation/Digital Controls/Nuclear 106-130”?? I apparently have a lot to learn. b)Companies try to make lame jobs sound cool. i.e. “Relationship Specialist” Oooh that sounds like something I could do. I’m really good at understanding relationships and helping people get along..buttt no, this job has nothing to do with the relationships I’m thinking of. In fact, the job description goes back to (a) in that i have noo idea what it’s talking about. And c) Anyone who contacts you regarding the resume you posted online is either from a staffing agency or wants you to fill out online surveys for them.

This could be a long road, but one I am prepared to travel with my batch of freshly printed resumes and my brand new high-powered pumps. The doors are wide open to me, and whether I become a “Siebel Business System Analyst” or an “Outbound Inside Sales Director,” I will surely be learning a wealth of new information. It will be a sad day when I say goodbye to my intern status, but something tells me I was built for bigger and better ventures, and eventually might work my way to earning a sick day or two. In the meantime, I will continue to fill out the masses of online surveys I’m receiving. Hey, interns don’t make much, OK?

“Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

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