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Will get out of bed for food

I think I basically stayed inside for this entire long weekend. Don’t you just need weekends like that sometimes though? I know I do. But come about 7:00 Mon. night I began to hate myself just a little bit. My eyes are hurting from staring at the computer screen, my fingers hurt from typing, and my body is in serious pain from lack of movement. I honestly hurt from head to toe and in an attempt to calculate how far my body actually moved this weekend, I’m determining it to be about 60 feet total. Total.

I should give myself a bit of credit though as I did leave my apartment twice. Friday evening I went to my friend’s apt. and ate. and Sat. I went out with my mom and ate. But I’ve come to the conclusion that leaving the apartment to eat isn’t really doing anything to improve my body’s health. Especially if I eat a lot more than my body moves. I did have some fabulous food this weekend though. If you are one to judge a restaurant by its name, please try not to when you’re deciding whether or not the sushi from Mr. Sushi is safe to eat. I admit when I first saw it I said, “Hell no, never will I eat at a place named Mr. Sushi.” But seriously, this is some good sushi. I had no complaints about the una-avo maki, and the scallion pancakes were better than the average scallion pancake. Spicy tuna maki also recommended. Whoever, this so-called Mr. Sushi is, he sure can roll a good maki.

Saturday brought brunch at the Fireplace in Washington Square, which is honestly one of my favorite places for brunch and dinner. The eggs benedict is TO DIE FOR. However, it makes me kind of sad because there is soo much on the menu I want to try, but can’t tear myself away from ordering the eggs benedict every single time. Maybe some day I will get sick of it. Probably not though. I could go on and on about the dinner menu too but all I will say for now is that their mojitos are absolutely amazing.

Basically, this weekend was about food. I also went to Trader Joe’s to stock up and went to the store to get junk food for our mini-football game get together. Go Patriots!

Now I am feeling the consequences. I cannot get up from my bed. I was entirely too lazy to even get up to make myself some dinner tonight. Probably a good thing though. Because my body aches with every move, I am now going to attempt to do Pilates to re-stretch myself out so that I can make it to my T stop in order to commute to work tomorrow. And then I will crawl back into my bed, which will hopefully let me out when my alarm goes off at 6:30 tomorrow morning. If only I had eggs benedict waiting for me…

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” -John Gunther

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