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Archive: January 2007

a world without music.

You don’t realize how much it matters until it’s all gone. When I turned on my iPod this morning ready to embark on my walk to work, I discovered I had no songs. None. Zero. Last night I had 1,700 songs, so I’m not exactly sure what happened over the duration of about 12 hours. All I know is that my songs are gonzo.

For many, this wouldn’t be a big problem. Just re-load the ole’ Ipod with your library on iTunes. I, unfortunately, just got a new computer about 2 months back. My old one is sitting in the depths of my parent’s basement, unable to turn on for more than 10 seconds. Therefore, 1,600 of my songs are sitting on that unobtainable hard drive. About 200 of those songs were purchased off of iTunes.

It was a silent, lonely walk to work and I’m preparing to do it again all the way to class and then home. It doesn’t bother me so much that I lost the time I spent working hard to load my CDs into iTunes. But it frustrates me beyond belief that I can’t get the songs back that I spent a lot of money on. Though I’m still hoping to somehow find a way.

I never realized how much I depend on my iPod until I don’t have it anymore. Now, all I want to do is listen to it. Woe is me.

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” -Frank Zappa

it’s a dog’s life…and i’m jealous.

I’m a dog person. Always have been and probably always will be. I grew up with my collie as my best friend and as a child, I befriended every dog I could find. This also meant I was attacked by many dogs as I was that annoying kid who wouldn’t leave a poor animal alone. I didn’t care if the dog was eating or sleeping, I just assumed he would want to play with me. This is strange considering that as a child, I was pretty much frightened to death of most things. However, I was never scared of dogs and dreamed about someday adopting a wolf.

I spent this past weekend dog-sitting for my pseudo aunt and uncle’s little pup, Cissy. I’m not quite sure what sort of dog you are picturing a dog with the name of Cissy to be, but whatever picture you have in your head, you’re probably right. She’s a little cockapoo, fluffy little cuddly thing. Now, I love dog-sitting Cissy for many reasons. 1)I can get out of my apt. and go only a few miles down the road to my aunt and uncle’s very nice house, 2)I can bring all my laundry and do it for free, 3)They have all the movie channels and about 350 bottles of wine in their basement, 4)They pay me quite generously, and 5) I get to spend some good quality time with little Cissy.

Cissy is basically the spoiled rotten child of my aunt and uncle. They treat her better than you were probably treated by your parents. You certainly didn’t go to a salon every other week. And did your parents cook you all white meat chicken, cut it up, and feed it to you by hand each day? Did your parents let you sleep in their bed every night? Did they let you bring all your toys on the couch and stand on the table tops? I’m guessing not. Well, your life has not been as charmed as Cissy’s has been. Her sister, Cookie, who sadly died about six months ago, often let all the attention go to her head, and she would cause all sorts of trouble. But not little Cissy. Cissy takes it all in stride.

So basically I spent all weekend catering to the dog’s needs. It’s hard work hand feeding her chicken twice a day (while making sure her sinus pill is expertly hidden within a piece). And it can sometimes be difficult sleeping in a king sized bed with a dog who chooses to sleep right at your pillow. And did I mention that Cissy snores? Because she does. That’s what her sinus pill is for. Don’t even try to walk from one room to the other without Cissy following you. She WILL find you within about 4.5 seconds. And while a walk seems like a nice activity to do with a dog, it’s not going to fly with Cissy. She is not a walker unless that walking is done on the living room coffee table. She manages to get up on it with the little steps that were specially designed for her to comfortably walk onto the couch.

I’ll be back at Cissy’s residence this weekend where I will continue to wish my life were as delightful as Cissy’s. I sometimes have to laugh that my entire weekend is consumed by catering to a dog’s every need, but hey, like I said, I’m a dog person.

“No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.” -Fran Lebowitz

Help Wanted: Job Search Translator for Life-Long Intern

Today marks the official start of my job search. It is a sad, sad day as I actually find my job quite enjoyable but have just about reached my wit’s end with it. Ladies and gentleman, I have been an intern for a year and a half now. 1.5 years as an intern. In my opinion, enough is enough. When I first started my internship, I worked three days a week and was not overly stressed with my work. Then I got transferred and have been working my behind off and since May I have been told that I would have a full-time job with benefits as soon as possible. And I’m finally sick of waiting. I’m sick of doing the exact same work as the other girl I’m working with and not getting a day off and getting paid beans. Our other co-worker quit, which gave us that much more work. And now our supervisor left and suddenly I am left doing my supervisor’s work. I do not mind the work and try to do it with a smile on my face, but when nobody even says so much as a thank you, it gets a bit wearing. Three of my co-workers overheard me talking and exclaimed “What?! You’re an intern?!” We actually have our own department intern because nobody really realizes I am one. But my paycheck sure knows! In any event, I have big expectations for myself and know I will not reach them in this agency…as an intern.

I’m actually enjoying the job searching process so far…who knows where it could lead me. But there are a few things I have realized while conducting the beginning stages of my search, such as a) There are many job titles I have never heard of and cannot for the life of me decipher. For instance, what exactly is an “Instrumentation Engineer- Instrumentation/Digital Controls/Nuclear 106-130”?? I apparently have a lot to learn. b)Companies try to make lame jobs sound cool. i.e. “Relationship Specialist” Oooh that sounds like something I could do. I’m really good at understanding relationships and helping people get along..buttt no, this job has nothing to do with the relationships I’m thinking of. In fact, the job description goes back to (a) in that i have noo idea what it’s talking about. And c) Anyone who contacts you regarding the resume you posted online is either from a staffing agency or wants you to fill out online surveys for them.

This could be a long road, but one I am prepared to travel with my batch of freshly printed resumes and my brand new high-powered pumps. The doors are wide open to me, and whether I become a “Siebel Business System Analyst” or an “Outbound Inside Sales Director,” I will surely be learning a wealth of new information. It will be a sad day when I say goodbye to my intern status, but something tells me I was built for bigger and better ventures, and eventually might work my way to earning a sick day or two. In the meantime, I will continue to fill out the masses of online surveys I’m receiving. Hey, interns don’t make much, OK?

“Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Will get out of bed for food

I think I basically stayed inside for this entire long weekend. Don’t you just need weekends like that sometimes though? I know I do. But come about 7:00 Mon. night I began to hate myself just a little bit. My eyes are hurting from staring at the computer screen, my fingers hurt from typing, and my body is in serious pain from lack of movement. I honestly hurt from head to toe and in an attempt to calculate how far my body actually moved this weekend, I’m determining it to be about 60 feet total. Total.

I should give myself a bit of credit though as I did leave my apartment twice. Friday evening I went to my friend’s apt. and ate. and Sat. I went out with my mom and ate. But I’ve come to the conclusion that leaving the apartment to eat isn’t really doing anything to improve my body’s health. Especially if I eat a lot more than my body moves. I did have some fabulous food this weekend though. If you are one to judge a restaurant by its name, please try not to when you’re deciding whether or not the sushi from Mr. Sushi is safe to eat. I admit when I first saw it I said, “Hell no, never will I eat at a place named Mr. Sushi.” But seriously, this is some good sushi. I had no complaints about the una-avo maki, and the scallion pancakes were better than the average scallion pancake. Spicy tuna maki also recommended. Whoever, this so-called Mr. Sushi is, he sure can roll a good maki.

Saturday brought brunch at the Fireplace in Washington Square, which is honestly one of my favorite places for brunch and dinner. The eggs benedict is TO DIE FOR. However, it makes me kind of sad because there is soo much on the menu I want to try, but can’t tear myself away from ordering the eggs benedict every single time. Maybe some day I will get sick of it. Probably not though. I could go on and on about the dinner menu too but all I will say for now is that their mojitos are absolutely amazing.

Basically, this weekend was about food. I also went to Trader Joe’s to stock up and went to the store to get junk food for our mini-football game get together. Go Patriots!

Now I am feeling the consequences. I cannot get up from my bed. I was entirely too lazy to even get up to make myself some dinner tonight. Probably a good thing though. Because my body aches with every move, I am now going to attempt to do Pilates to re-stretch myself out so that I can make it to my T stop in order to commute to work tomorrow. And then I will crawl back into my bed, which will hopefully let me out when my alarm goes off at 6:30 tomorrow morning. If only I had eggs benedict waiting for me…

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” -John Gunther

Now I know where to go for my 3 a.m. hunger pains

My friends decided they wanted to go to the North End for dinner last night. I thought that was quite fitting considering my post about the merits of Modern over Mike’s. We went to dinner at Bella Vista and our meals were fabulous. We stuffed ourselves full but the waitress still made us feel horrible about not eating every bite of our meals. I love this about Italian restaurants; they are so passionate about their food that if you don’t clean your plate, they actually take personal offense to it. So if you really can’t eat anymore, you find yourself gushing about the food and how much you loved it. Maybe it’s their little sneaky, backhanded way of getting compliments thrown at them.

After dinner, we happened to walk by Bova’s and I immediately thought of The M Show‘s comment on my blog from the other day. My friend immediately said, “That is the best bakery” and told me that every time his cousin visits from California, she insists that they go there. So of course we had to go. My friend and I went a little wild and decided we wanted to sample everything. We tried to calm ourselves down though and got a canoli with chocolate chips, a whoopie pie, and 2 big cookies. Everything was delicious, especially the canoli. Mmmm it was seriously heaven and I would do anything for another one right now! I’m not a huge whoopie pie person, but this one was so moist and smooth that it definitely has the potential to turn me into one. I LOVE the fact that this place is open 24 hours a day; that could be dangerous, but soo very good.

The only thing I don’t like about Bova’s is that they don’t have the large selection of coffees, cappuccinos, and espressos that I like to sit and enjoy while I eat my pastries. It truly is just a bakery and not a cafe or place you can hang out and eat (or sit and write letters to your friends or look so pensive that other people are wondering what is on your mind). So we decided to walk back to Hanover St. to get some cappuccino. Interestingly, Mike’s was closed, and it was only slightly past 10:00. Another thing that makes me say booo to Mike’s! We went to Cafe Vittoria, which I actually feel bad I didn’t mention in my North End bakery discussion the other day. I totally forgot how much I like this place; mostly for their coffee but also for their amazing tiramisu. Once upon a time they had tiramisu gelati and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I don’t know what happened to it, but I would love for them to bring it back. Their cappuccino was quite delicious though and I’m glad I went back to Vittoria.

I realized that I need to hang out in the North End more. While we were walking down Hanover, my friend said “When I’m in the North End, I don’t even feel like I’m in Boston.” I completely agreed; The North End is such a nice place to get away to when you’re sick of the high paced-rush of Boston and just want to wander the streets and feel like you are in a community. And want to stuff yourself full of delicious food. Thanks The M Show for tuning me in to Bova’s!