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paper wedding flowers.

Once upon a time, I imagined wedding planning would be easy. Not easy as in “I planned a wedding in 24 hours,” but as in, “How many choices can there really be?” easy. Like, are there really that many differences between wedding gowns. And how hard could it be to pick a few flowers? Well, after hemming and hawing over our wedding venue for what seemed to be FOR-EVER, I realize that there are, in fact, a lot of choices to be made. And everything is so very different. And once you start realizing how much money you’re going to be dropping, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. Like, jaw-droppingly perfect.

So, yes, you notice the difference between a wedding dress that has a few ruffles and one that has many ruffles. And you see the difference between wedding flowers that are “pretty” and wedding flowers that are “omg amazing.” The more research I do, the more obsessed I get with paper flowers. And even though I’m the least crafty person on the planet, I’ve convinced myself that I can make beautifully realistic-looking flowers for our wedding. And it will be so much better than typical flowers because a) they’re totally unique and b) all my blood, sweat, and tears went into them.

Am I crazy? Chris thinks so. But come on and tell me these aren’t all fabulous.

I’ve somehow made myself believe I can make my own paper flower wedding bouquets with a little help from Martha Stewart:


Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

This Martha Stewart bouquet is even easier.


Courtesy of Martha Stewart

I’m obsessed with everything on thisย Project Wedding spread. Especially the idea of having paper flowers at every napkin:

Courtesy of Project Wedding

Or having them on a table as escort cards:

Courtesy of Project Wedding

Allegedly, Martha Stewart used to have a paper flower making kit that assisted in making the single flowers above, but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone spots it, let me know!

Etsy also has lots of stunning paper flower bouquets and centerpieces available for purchase.


Courtesy of Etsy/FlowerThyme

Because flowers don’t have to be real.


Courtesy of Etsy/BouquetsBySelena

And for something even more unique, but equally as stunning, how about a brooch bouquet?


Courtesy of Etsy/BestofBuds

Then again, I see bouquets like this one from Studio Choo featured on Style Me Pretty and I fall in love with real flowers again:

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 1.05.43 PM.png

Courtesy of Janae Shields Photography/Style Me Pretty

And the purple and yellow make them perfect for our wedding palette!

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 1.00.35 PM.png

Courtesy of Jenae Shields Photography/Style Me Pretty

And what about these beauties from JL Designs and featured on Jesi Haack Design?


Courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photography/Jessi Haack Design

In the end, we’ll ideally have a healthy mixture of real and paper flowers at our wedding. But first I need to experiment a bit and see just how difficult these paper flowers are. Seriously though, Martha Stewart has amazing tutorials that make paper flower bouquets and centerpieces totally attainable.

Plus, I’ve got 11.5 months to work on them. Ready… Set…. Go!

current wedding loves.

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding? I mean, it starts at 6.am. with coverage beginning at 4 a.m. I feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the coverage… And slightly stressed out over the fact that I know Prince William and Kate Middleton really have nothing to do with planning their own wedding. I guess since I’m a planner, I couldn’t deal with everyone else having all the control! And me just showing up with about a billion eyes watching my every move. Eeek. I’m breaking out into a cold sweat already.

Now that our wedding is becoming real (albeit a bit far away… 13.5 months!), I’m struggling a bit with knowing how much to share. I don’t want to give the whole wedding and all my grand ideas away, but as a blogger, I have a natural inclination to SHARE EVERYTHING! All the time! So, I probably will share a lot of ideas, without giving tooo much away.

I recently started blogging for a beautiful wedding website called Blueberry Weddings and it’s been a fabulous source of inspiration to me. I mean, what better job for a writer who’s planning her wedding to have than blogging for a wedding website? Basically, I look at other people’s weddings and write about them. Heaven.

And now for some things I like, including my current wedding dress love. I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to wedding dresses, but one thing it has to be is modern and fun. Of course, when I find a dress, I won’t blog about it until the day, but here are a couple of my current dreams. And I say dreams because um, they’re way beyond my budget. But still.

Monique Lhuillier’s Sunday Rose:



And Badgley Mischka’s Tracy:



So, I haven’t asked my bridesmaids to be in our wedding yet because I wanted to get the date and location down first (and it finally is!!!), but I’m already thinking a bit about the type of dresses I like.

They’ll hopefully be fun non-bridesmaidy dresses. I am in love with something like these Jessica Simpson ones:

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 11.08.24 AM.png


And wouldn’t a dress kind of like this one look adorable with purple shoes?

Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 11.57.21 PM.png


I want something light, fun, and not crazy expensive or “omg that’s obvioulsy a bridesmaid dress.” I also want fun shoes, though I have mixed feelings on having everyone get the same shoes since I know what a pain that can be. Perhaps, we can all get together and sparkle our shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ Or else we can find a shoe sponsor. Hello, Christian Louboutin? Are you out there?

Wouldn’t those dresses look cute with these suits? I kind of like how the groom is wearing a different color from the groomsmen.


I also have the best save the date idea ever, but unless I come up with a grand plan, they’ll be crazy expensive. More on that later. In other news, does anyone have a printing press I can borrow?

While we’re on the topic of all things weddings (I swear I’ll blog about other topics again soon!), Alaina from Image Unlimited contacted me to let me know that all of the wedding-related classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education are 25% off for May and June. So, if you want to take a class about designing your own wedding invitations (with fab instructor, Dustin!)… or a wedding dance workshop, sign up!

But I actually already knew that since Chels and I teach two classes at the BCAE: Starting a Blog and Promoting Your Blog. They’re 25% off too, so should sign up for our classes!

And now I’m going back to reading my million wedding blogs and cutting out pretty photos from wedding magazines. And I also have to say I feel quite lucky that Chris is willing (and I think he secretly likes, shhh!) watching Say Yes to the Dress with me ๐Ÿ™‚

the great wedding venue hunt.

If you could get married anywhere in Boston, where would it be? I always dreamed of the Boston Public Library…


(Courtesy of Person + Killian, Boston Public Library)

Or the State Room…


(Courtesy of Longwood Events)

But when I got engaged, I quickly realized those were $$$ and difficult to plan on any type of budget (since there are no packages, per say). Plus, we decided getting married in a hotel would be our best choice for us since we have so many out-of-town guests and like that a hotel will take care of everything.

But we’re still going to look at Brookline’s Veronique. Because I hear it’s absolutely stunning. And it’s close to our neighborhood. And I can’t resist:


And I think we’re finally realizing no one venue is going to have every single thing we want. And any time you spend that much money, the decision feels like the biggest one in the world. But no matter what we do, it’s going to be amazing. And hopefully still leave us some money leftover to go on a honeymoon… And buy a house some day.

Of course, we have our top venue contenders, but I won’t mention them here just yet. I get weirdly worried about disappointing people… even venue coordinators we really don’t know. But if they’re super nice and buy us dinner and are very attentive, I’ll feel so horrible turning them down. But we can, after all, only choose one spot in which to get married.

It’s funny how when we first started wedding planning, we had NO idea what things should cost, what should be included, etc. And now I feel like we’re total experts and can quickly look at a package and immediately know if it’s a good deal or crazy ridiculous or contains lots of hidden expenses. I totally get why so many people plan their own weddings and then want to be wedding planners. a) You think you know it all and b) You only got to choose 1 venue, etc. for your own wedding and you want to do more!

Venue hunting is fun… But I really just want to know where (and when) our wedding is going to be!! ๐Ÿ™‚

a little wednesday wedding inspiration.

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted! And as I go through the wedding planning process, I realize I really need a spot to get down some of my inspiration. I have an inspiration book filled with my magazine finds, but as far as my online finds go, I can’t possibly print everything out. It would likely get annoying to our readers to post everything on We are not Martha. And every time I post anything wedding-related on tumblr, I lose about 3 followers.

I can safely say we have not made one single wedding decision, except for the fact that we know we want to get married to each other. Which is the most important decision, anyway. We really want to get our venue and date down before moving on to more decisions and I think we’re close. We’ve looked at a few spots in Boston and have a few more this week. I think we just need to realize that no one venue is going to have EVERYTHING we want. And that our wedding is going to be beautiful and amazing and fun no matter what. I mean, we already know that, but still. It’s a big, very expensive decision. (hold me).

My sister already declared the fact that she doesn’t want to wear a yellow dress, but if it’s this beautiful would she really turn it down?? And can someone PLEASE tell me where these dresses are from? Or where I can find some like it?


(Courtesy of StyleMePretty)

If you know me, this will come as no surprise to you… While perusing the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, I decided to pick out my very favorite dress in the whole magazine. I found it, swooned, and then realized… It’s a dress from a Disney collection. Uh. I mean, there’s really nothing wrong with that, right? Doesn’t every girl dream of being a Disney princess? And it’s not like anybody would know. It’s not like it says Disney on the front. So, whatever, I’m using it as some wedding dress inspiration:


(Courtesy of Alfred Angelo)

Where I can, I’m sure I’ll be scouring Etsy for some wedding finds. I love the idea of having unique touches made by real people we can support. Of course, I know nothing about how I’ll be wearing my hair for the big day. But I do know I want to wear some kind of headband. Here are a few of my Etsy faves:


(From Lo Boheme, $155)


(From Bridal Blooms, $59.97)


(From Lucia Bella, $35.00)


(From Tessa Kim, $74.00)

I love that last bride’s hair, too!!

I’m obviously a shoe girl. And though I KNOW it’s smart to wear flat, comfy shoes for your wedding, I’m not going to feel like a true bride without a pair of pretty heels. Of course, Chris isn’t super tall, so I won’t go with anything too high… And I’ll probably get a pair of pretty flats for the reception if need be. Here are some of my favorite shoes I’ve spotted thus far:

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 3.45.11 PM.png

(MaxStudio, $79.72)

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 3.48.10 PM.png

(Stuart Weitzman, $375)

For the reception:

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 3.50.31 PM.png

(Steve Madden, $79.95)


(Calvin Klein, $83.30)

See? Isn’t wedding planning fun? Minus all the expensive, major decisions, of course! Luckily, we’re enjoying it so far and just working to to make it the best wedding possible for US. And I’m also pretty lucky my best friend is incredibly creative and artistic and I’m sure will be offering a lot of inspiration to us once we decide on a venue ๐Ÿ™‚

More wedding inspiration will be coming soon!!